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    The files and the site are still reachable through wayback machine.

    If anyone is willing to put together in a single file all the archives and relevant information, I'll put it in my website for anyone to download for as long as my website exists.
    Francisco J Castanedo
    Software Developer
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      OK, I've taken the initiative to create a mirror of

      My aim is to copy/mirror all of PBCrypto's content 1:1 (if possible - a few source code post seem to have been lost during the PB forum transformations). It's still work in progress (=copy contents over), but the page's framework is operational and already has some content:

      Of course I'm open to suggestions, bu keep in mind that I'm not a real web developer, so I might not be capable of implementing your suggestion, even if I would find it very appealing.

      I do hope that Wayne as the original site creator and all code contributers are OK with this. If not, please contact me!