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CADRazor Developers Edition (OpenGL)

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  • CADRazor Developers Edition (OpenGL)

    CADRazor Developers Edition (OpenGL)

    Hyperion-CADRazor is available in the developers edition (DEV). A purchase of the developers edition allows you to imbed CADRazor with your own dialog name to give it a smooth integral appearance with your application. With CADRazor DEV you can employ the exceptional power of OpenGL with a prepackaged engine that is uniquely tailored for 3D object manipulation. CADRazor DEV has a rich API that allows you to drive 3D objects into the display. CADRazor is under continual refinement and will expand in functionality.

    CADRazor DEV is currently priced at $500 and includes the following:

    • CADRazor.dll and imbedded help file
    • Application API include file
    • Rhea-PMA to construct AVI animations
    • Support, application examples and modifications and additions to API to support special user requirements

    A purchase of the developers edition allows you to package CADRazor with your application for distribution. Pricing can be adjust based on volume.

    How about an example? Try our newly constructed Rhea-series tool, TerraFALCON. TerraFALCON is a 3D digital elevation modeling tool that pushes the 3D elevation displays into CADRazor. Feel free to download and install TerraFALCON for a demonstration of CADRazor DEV (see download page).

    CADRazor main page:
    Rhea-TerraFALCON (demos the DEV)
    Contact page: