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    PwrDev changes

    PwrDev has been upgraded lately.

    Here is a small list:

    Usercontrols, use the usercontrol designer to create custom controls.
    Even superclassing is possible.
    Raising events is made easy using PwrDev functions which generate WM_NOTIFY based message to it's parent.
    Of course, you are totally free to do this differently.
    If you write controls for non-PwrDev users, once compiled to a dll, the controls can be loaded fine into any language able to load a generic win32 dll and use the windowclass you specified in PwrDev.

    Use the Windows Shell.Explorer based webcontrol to create html-based applications (and not win32 form-based apps)
    Intercept the navigation event and obtain data from the html controls (like an input)
    This data can be obtained or set so you can use PowerBASIC code to handle the data any way you like it.
    Yes, without a webserver!

    A simple executable can be found on the news page on

    Note that PwrDev's ActiveX support is ATL based and can totally embed the ATL part into it's executable without extracting to disk during run-time.

    VarClass is a real com object based class system using a variant variable to hold the interface.
    Use unique data per objectinstance.
    Since this is a real com object, PowerBASIC will call the internal addref() and release() methods.
    PwrDev uses this to let you prepare a real constructor and destructor!

    The PowerBASIC compiler will know there is a com interface in the variant and will release the com interface when the variant variable is getting out of scope or when you force it to Empty.
    Just before that the destructor is executed and you'll able to clean up any data or handles you have created and attached to that unique instance.

    This is an image snapshot of the PwrDev helpfile describing a VarClass function:

    PwrDev is updated to handle the new chm helpfile for PB/WIN 8.04 and CC/4.04