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EZGUI 4.0 Low cost version - feedback needed

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    Judging by the lag when visiting, looks like it is getting a lot of hits. I may have to try this out...excellent price. On the limitations, what types of warnings are given? I imagine at design time it just prompts and says, you need the Pro to do this, blah blah blah. What all happens at runtime?
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      Originally posted by Chris Boss View Post

      I have no desire to offer EZGUI as freeware.

      Freeware has a downside and sometimes cheapens the product.

      People spend too much money on fancy cell phones, computer games, DVD's, game consoles and all sorts of things. To think that $50 (or less) is a fortune to spend on a programming tool, even for a hobby, does not make sense, IMO.

      You seem to be all over the field on this. First you say your not interested in the hobby/personal use type users (see above) and then follow up with how your less then $50 product is for hobby/personal use.

      Do you think open source (free) software is only for personal / hobby use? I think you missed my point.

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        In some cases the runtime will warn you with a message box.

        If you exceed the maximum number of forms or controls you get a warning.

        In other cases, the runtimes will simply ignore the request.

        For example if you initialize the sprite engine to more than 12 sprites you will still only get 12 sprites. The runtime will ignore requests beyond its limits.
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