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    For Elías Montoya:

    Hello Elìas, I have acquired the software egrid32pro by means of paypal the dìa 01 of October but till now I do not obtain any response of since the software obtains.
    The number of receipt of paypal is 3151-3801-9138-7437 addressed to Herbert Sowada who is my chief. I have tried to send a mail but he returns mistake to me in the direction [email protected]. Also in [email protected] that is the direction that gives me paypal to contact myself with you.
    In addition, with the direction that you place in your answers in the forum, I cannot accede to any of them. I have done the purchase from that is one of the directions(addresses) that appear when I put egrid32 in the seeker of the google.

    Elías Montoya :

    Hola Elìas, he adquirido el software egrid32pro por medio de paypal el dìa d1 de Octubre pero hasta ahora no obtengo respuesta alguna de como obtener el software.
    El nùmero de recibo de paypal es 3151-3801-9138-7437 a nombre de Herbert Sowada que es mi jefe. He intentado enviarte un correo pero me devuelve error en la direcciòn [email protected]. Tambièn en [email protected] que es la direcciòn que me da paypal para contactarme con ustedes.
    Además, con la direcciòn que colocas en tus respuestas en el forum, no puedo acceder a ninguna de ellas. He hecho la compra desde que es una de las direcciones que aparecen cuando pongo egrid32 en el buscador del google.

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    Hola Marco, El sitio de Egrid32 que controla los downloads esta offline. Es por
    eso que no he podido ver quien compra. Lo raro es que esto paso hasta el 21
    de Oct, y antes de eso no vi ninguna compra tuya. Extraño.

    Enviame una direccion de e-mail a donde te pueda enviar tus datos y tu copia
    de Egrid32 y lo hare en cuanto la reciba. Puedes enviarmela por un mensaje
    privado por medio de este foro. Recibiras tu copia lo antes posible. Asegurate
    de que la cuenta de e-mail pueda recibir archivos adjuntos.


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      hehe!! Elias, why didn't you email me to let me know the site was down?

      anyway, domain name has expired, I tried to call the DNS company this morning and they couldn't find the account??? so I'll fix tonight I hope! anyway, if you don't already know

      " still points to the same space, just change the 'host address' to in your FTPExplorer or whatever your using, and use the same login name & pswrd as you did for SHG's, and everything ever uploaded is still in tact.

      ltr, B


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        Im uploading new Buyer's registration information, so, the dowloads
        will be available with the serial numbers from the download page.


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          hey Elias

          hey Elias, only got a minute, but to make the links works on the pages, replace
          any href="" with;


          then it will work regardless of what domain name is accessing the link


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            Ah you are right... forgot to update all that.

            Ill do it first thing in the morning.

            Thanx for the reminder.


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              well, couple things,

              I got in touch with TrustedWebHost and we were able to recover all the old emails at sales & support, they now are at [email protected] & [email protected], see;

              (the pswds are the same) bad news, emails at [email protected] couldn't be recovered,

              if it's really important, maybe we can try again,

              now, the crazy part!! hehe

              we were over a year behind in paying for the hosting, they had the wrong info for automatic billing to my account! but they still kept it open!!! cool huh?

              TrustedWebHost is GREAT!!

              (but it cost me two years! of payment)


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                Hey cool! Thank you friend.


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                  I want to get my hands on Egrid32 pro and your Print engine. Tryed to contact you by email, but your mail server seems to be down for the moment. Where can i reach you?




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                    You can contact me at my hotmail address:. Or you can send me a private message over the forums.


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                      Please check your email.

                      - Kim


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                        Originally posted by Kim Hetlelid View Post

                        Please check your email.

                        - Kim
                        You mean you didnt get my relpy? I replied the same day it arrived.
                        Let me know if you need me to re-send it.


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                          Yes i got your email. I will send your fee tomorrow and reply with transaction details.




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                            Transaction is now ok. Please read your email.

                            - KIM


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                              Your Licenses and Downloads should be in your Inbox Kim,
                              please let me know if you have any problems downloading.

                              I will also be glad to get you started using the tools.


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                                New domain?

                                Looks like your old domain expired.
                                What is the correct new one? Followed some of the links on the
                                newer pages and they appear to point back to the old domain.
                                The example (for example) are missing.
                                The world is full of apathy, but who cares?


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                                  I thought i fixed all the links... seems like i didnt.
                                  The one im currently using is:

                                  Ill go trough all the links as soon as i can, and fix them.
                                  Meanwhile, if you need an example, please click the links
                                  in my signature, or you can also request for examples here.