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  • Rhea-PV2D (Plotting software)

    Rhea-PV2D is an easy-to-use rapid 2D plotting tool. PV2D stands for PlotView-2D and is a complimentary tool to Rhea-Emulus (digitizer) and Hyperion-CADRazor (3D OpenGL tool). PV2D has been updated to support native PLT file formats and free text formats. The user can simply drag data files into PV2D. Rapid zoom changes can be accommodated by the mouse wheel and left-mouse selections. Data statistics can be processed with a selection window as well, providing controlled MIN/MAX, integration and averaging of selected points in the window. Finally a developers edition is available where PV2D is compiled to a DLL, giving parent applications exceptional plotting capability with a simple API call structure. Simply send the data file name to PV2D.dll and call a refresh.

    PV2D Product Page

    PV2D Feature List
    • ASCII TXT and native PLT file formats
    • File dialog supports drag drop and Send-To for rapid load (assign PLT file to Open)
    • Axis control, labels and legend creation with the ability to control the location
    • Full color control for any plot attribute such as background, lines, grids and text
    • Restore default system colors
    • Paste large blocks of clipboard text
    • Single click screen capture to clipboard and printing of hardcopy
    • Auto-scale feature, selectable on either axis
    • Dynamic zoom using Mouse-wheel
    • Dynamic zoom using immediate drag and release selection window
    • Full screen zoom return feature (Click ESC key or context menu)
    • Plot group control and the ability to selectively display points and lines in any group
    • Global plot group control, example, turn off all lines or points
    • Line thickness and point radius control
    • Ability to swap X and Y axis by selecting any Y variable in a multi-column data file as the independent variable
    • Data statistics dialog to probe window-selected data, i.e. MIN, MAX, INT, AVG
    • Tracker dialog feedback of the mouse location (saved to clipboard), also shown on the dialog
    • Cursor location plot coordinates display in dialog at all times
    • Normalize feature (data is scaled 0 to 1 on the Y axis to allow viewing data of different magnitudes)
    • Sort data on X axis
    • Input single column data (rapid plot if no independent variable is available)
    • NEW! PV2D.dll available as developer's version called from a parent dialog

    The EXE version installer includes a short library of plotting examples.

    Pricing: PV2D is available for free-of-charge as a standalone EXE. Please visit the contact page if you have interest in the developers version.

    TITAN Algorithms

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    By request, I have included a demonstration of the PV2D.dll developers version. You can download the following zip file:

    Unzip this into a directory and compile the demo file (PB .bas file). The directory contains the PV2D.dll module and also includes a sample plot file which is sent to the DLL. At the moment, data handling is done across fixed files but it would not be difficult to hand off data in memory similar to the CADRazor and OV3D.dll modules.

    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. There are email addresses on the contact page as well.