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SocketTools and Credit Card Transaction

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  • SocketTools and Credit Card Transaction

    I want to use SocketTools 5.0 to create a stand-alone application that will authorize credit card transactions.

    I've done this type of thing before on a web page, but this is different. This program needs to be a command-line utility that will read the pertinent information from a text file and securely send the transaction to the merchant bank's web server, then upon return creates another text file with the authorization or denial.

    I'm not sure where to start. Do I try to use a webget type of idea (there is a "view page" sample that comes with SocketTools) to simulate a browser transaction or can I directly use TCP to talk to the merchant bank server?

    Like I mentioned, I've done it on a website, so I think I understand the hashing and keys and so forth.

    Any help to get me started?

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