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PwrDev - developer's featurelist

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  • PwrDev - developer's featurelist

    PwrDev - Developer is an awesome handy IDE to create applications with.
    From creating quick and dirty testing stuff to professional applications.

    One of the benefits in using PwrDev is the rapid development.
    In case of quick and dirty for example, you will not be bothered by a need to save a project and it's files before you can do anything.
    This is one of the better parts how PwrDev handles projects.
    Just begin and save whenever you want.
    A PwrDev by default is only a single file, no mess!

    In fact, PwrDev also takes care of much of the annoying coding behaviour for example, in Visual Basic 6 it creates functions for click events which you can accidently modify and rearrange, PwrDev only shows this function but it's read only.
    You'll simply have a single space to program in.

    Adding modules located on your harddrive can be done via the projectexplorer and once set, the project will refer to that.
    You can program in internally managed modules as in filebased modules (like includes)
    Internal modules are stored in the projectfile itself.

    Since a while the PwrDev website was rearranged, a lot of it's features where no longer mentioned.
    I just prepared a webpage with a partial but most important featurelist.
    Check out the website: and click PwrDev in the menu.
    This page also has the featurelist (below/left side).

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