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Help with iSedPDF issue

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  • Help with iSedPDF issue

    I know there are a few people using the iSed PDF library here, so hopefully someone can help. The "official" web site is down during a migration from Access to SQL, otherwise I would have tried there first. And yes, I have RTM

    Anyway, I am really loving this library now that I've gotten used to it. However, I want to send a document to the printer directly rather than bringing it up in Acrobat (skipping the 'preview' part). The document prints, at least it spits out blank pages. Therefore, I am relatively certain I am passing the printer name properly (since the various printers I've tested with all print out the correct number of pages....just blank ) and since the number of pages is correct, I believe I have those parameters correct as well.

    Here are the lines of code I'm using:
      x& = iSedPageCount
      o& = iSedPrintOptions(0,0,"Test")
      iRet& = iSedPrintDocument(BYCOPY SendTo, 1, x&, o&)
    iRet& returns 1 which the docs indicate everything printed properly.

    If I don't try to print directly, the document is created perfectly. I can save it to a file and even bring it up right away in acrobat with:
      CALL iSedSaveToFile(BYCOPY mFilename$)
      zText = mFileName$
    but when it goes to the printer directly, the pages are all blank.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    Ok, so maybe I didn't RTM well

    Just prior to printing the document, I was setting encryption on it. The first line of the docs says (clearly too) that encrypted docs can't be printed.

    Works great now !
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      Is iSed still available?
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        The "official" site never came back, but the peer-support site claims they have still been selling licenses, just no updates and no support. (not a big deal with the peer-support), but that site is down at the moment while undergoing a conversion from Access to SQL, so I don't really have a link to send you to at the moment. Its a GREAT PDF package though. If you can get your hands on a licensee, its worth getting.

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          I went in with one of the waves of groups once to get a site license for it and planned on converting it to PB, but never got around to it...All the original site does is sales, no support or replies since the company sold.
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