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    I have a scripting engine named uCalc Language Builder. I've noticed interest in the forums for scripting engines, whereas there aren't many takers for a Language Builder. So I'm wondering if the name Language Builder itself conjures up the image of a complicated or irrelevant tool. Or is there some other reason why it might not seem interesting?

    uCalc Language Builder has a broad scope. However, it is not only for those who want to create a language. If you just want to use an existing scripting language, then it's for you too.

    One of the things that's included in the download is a BASIC interpreter. You can either run it interactively, or you can have it run a BASIC script that's located in a file. This version of BASIC is incomplete. But it has plenty to get you started, such as PRINT, For/Next, While/Wend, User defined types, and other familiar data types, Function/End Function, and a few string routines, etc. It even has a few PowerBASIC syntactic flavorings.

    The idea is that it can very easily be expanded. Maybe a group of people could add to this BASIC interpreter in an open-source type of way, and come up with a more complete BASIC. The same can be done for other languages. Do you like to play with turtle graphics to draw things? There's a startup version of Logo (it's not a particularly correct version of Logo, but enough to have some fun with).

    I hope to hear from more people about uCalc LB.

    See this other thread: Interactive tutorial for uCalc Language Builder now available.
    Daniel Corbier
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    uCalc Language Builder

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    Im still giving it a try. You will hear of me soon.