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PrpT: Property List Custom Control DLL Updated

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    PrpT: Property List Custom Control DLL Updated

    Hi folks,

    Announcing the Release of PrpT: Property List Control v1.03

    PrpT is a property list custom control with many features (view screenshot). A property list a control that you can add to your Windows SDK or PowerBASIC DDT-based applications to handle almost all user interaction for entering program options and other settings. The control comes in the form of a Win32 DLL which does not require any additional libraries, it even works great on Windows 95!

    Each setting (called an "Entry") can be grouped in categories (called "Sections"), in most cases vastly improving the layout of your entry dialogs and without the hassle of having to use tab controls and child dialog pages to organize data entry. The entries can be styled as different types, including text boxes, selection lists, file entry/selection, font selection, color selection and even custom types (eg. for when you want to display an additional entry dialog).

    With PrpT, all this functionality is contained in one control that you just add to your dialog/form, PrpT will do the rest, including resizing and arranging entries in a neat list. Adding or removing entries a a later date is also made a breeze, as it is usually just a case of adding/removing one or two lines of code. No other changes are required.

    Not only does PrpT support the aforementioned sections and entries, it also supports a "Status" area where help text can be placed, an "Image" area where you can place a logo (for example), many color configurations, images for sections and entries (including icons, bitmaps and image lists), built-in INI and Registry functionality, just too much to list here - try it and see!

    New features in version 1.03 include full support for Windows "Themes" under Windows XP and Vista, a new simple interface function named "prpGetEntry" for obtaining entry info as a string, some new control messages, a few fixes, and more.

    PrpT 1.03 is available to buy now for just $79.95 USD. Please visit to download your 60-day trial version.

    Note to registered users: All minor product updates to PrpT are free, if you have not recieved PrpT version 1.03 yet please contact me via the link below.
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    Just in case anyone does not want to use the installer, PrpT also comes in self-contained ZIP form, so you can download and run the sample code right away. The ZIP archive can be found at:

    Any questions just let me know | Slam DBMS | PrpT Control | Other Downloads | Contact Me


      Dear Kev,

      When I tried to run the samples I get this message.

      I'm using Windows 10.

      Any idea ?
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      Jean-Pierre LEROY