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uCalc Fast Math Parser 2.95 released - Low cost Lite license now available

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  • Daniel Corbier
    uCalc FMP now on Facebook

    uCalc now has product pages on Facebook. If you are on Facebook and uCalc Fast Math Parser is a product that you need, or one that you support, then please sign up as a product fan (once you're on the page, signing up as a fan is just one click). Be one of the 10 first uCalc FMP fans, and get a free license for version 2.0. Many satisfied programmers have used version 2.0 between 1999 and 2007. It continues to be a solid and useful version. But should you later wish to upgrade to the current version with all of its many features, you'll be entitled to the low-cost fee for upgrading to version 2.95.

    Once you sign up, feel free to post a message on the wall. I'm new to Facebook, so any tips you might have will be welcome. Here's the link:

    (You can still see what the page looks like even if you're not on Facebook)

    Leave a comment:

  • uCalc Fast Math Parser 2.95 released - Low cost Lite license now available

    uCalc Fast Math Parser 2.95 is now available. There are two things that will be of particular interest to PowerBASIC users:
    • Speed
      This version is faster than ever. Many new features were added to version 2.9, but at the expense of speed. So I had temporarily removed the word Fast from the product name. It was renamed uCalc Free Math Parser, and then uCalc FMP. Some compilers (VB, and VC++) were more affected than others by the speed penalty. In this new version, optimizations were made so that they could catch up in speed. However, all compilers (including PB) will benefit from faster user defined functions.

    • Low cost Lite license
      The $600 price tag is apparently beyond the reach of some users, especially those who do not care for fancy new features. If you just want a basic math parser with all the essentials, but without the advanced bells and whistles, then the Lite license is the bargain for you.

      If you do want all the advanced features, then there's a big holiday discount for the full license as well.

    Please visit for more details.