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  • PwrDev - Developer - pricedrop!

    For a while i will drop the price for this great developmenttool.
    Take advantage of it now!

    For PwrDev:

    For list of features:

    Note that this developmenttool is also able to make use of your custom .NET classes and usercontrols if you like.
    The setup comes with an helpfie with over 1150 topics.

    (This pricedrop will have another slight change in ~ january/february)

    The actual price can be found on the final regsoftpage, the website might not be updated at the time you read this.
    If you have a license for PwrDev v1.x, the price for an upgrade to v2.x is also changed.


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    $99 ($50 savings) is a great deal Edwin!

    Definitely worth checking out. Your custom controls (20 of them) alone are worth the price.

    PwrDev is quite impressive.
    Chris Boss
    Computer Workshop
    Developer of "EZGUI"


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      Thanks Chris!

      From experiance i know that new users might not find the tool that great at first.. until they really start programming with it.
      Then they often really appreciate this developmenttool.

      This is why a demo is unsuccessful for this tool, a few less intuitive parts can make them decide otherwise in just 10 minutes.
      A threshold i can't overcome at this time unfortunately.

      I even use PwrDev to import examplecode i find on this board, PwrDev parses this code in logical parts, a few minor tweaks (remarking one or two lines) and it usually runs.


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        The custom controls that come with PwrDev, are they in DLL form or pure source code ?

        You have some very interesting custom controls with PwrDev, not found in any other Visual Design tool.
        Chris Boss
        Computer Workshop
        Developer of "EZGUI"


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          There is no run-time, it's all code.
          ActiveX requires an ATL dll but is embedded into the exe and executed from memory.
          PwrDev has support for static linking (simple dll's).

          Controlscode should not be 'de-attached' and reused in another way (license).
          Rather impossible anyway.


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            PwrDev is really cool - A great development tool



            >>PwrDev is quite impressive.

            It is. No doubt. Like Edwin said: "until they really start programming with it.
            Then they often really appreciate this development tool".


            >>This is why a demo is unsuccessful for this tool, a few less intuitive parts can make them decide otherwise in just 10 minutes.

            Hmm... For me, it was the demo you provided then that did it. Coming from VB6 and Clarion background, PwrDev just fit in nicely, with your invaluable help of course.

            Thank you Ed, for providing PwrDev. It has made my programming life alot lot easier.

            Best regards,
            Fredrick Ughimi


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              Hello all !

              PwrDev is the best development tool i ever had !!!

              I makes Programming with Pb so much easier !

              >>> "until they really start programming with it.
              >>> Then they often really appreciate this development tool".

              If you dont try you will never experience that Power ....



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                And.. for the ones interested using .NET from PowerBASIC code follow this topic if you like:



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                  PBSoft will be on holiday within a week.

                  This can be a benefit but can also bring 'problems'

                  If you need your license fast, make sure you place your order this week.



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                    As mentioned above, it's january and another pricedrop has just been made active!
                    This is due holiday reasons.

                    Special prices apply to all products.
                    From this Sunday until February 2nd PBSoft will not be able to send the download -link or license.
                    This means you'll have only one day to order and receive the product within hours.
                    During this holiday you can still purchase your license but for a lower price and you'll receive the download and license in February.

                    And i wish to thank all the new users for purchasing PwrDev lately.
                    The interest was really good and motivates very!

                    Thank you.


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                      Hello all from thailand!

                      Just wanted to let you know i am very relaxed from my trip to malaysia and thailand..
                      I am also about to leave to the Netherlands really soon now.
                      New registered user will have their license in a few days.
                      Make benefit of the current pricedrop and enjoy it's latest features..

                      The latest .NET implementation is awesome and even you are not up to it yet, like finding it bloathware and such, i am sure you'll going to use it at some point.
                      .NET has so many more ready-to-go functionality and often more understandable than ordinary winapi.
                      No com registering, just create and compile a class to an assembly and use it as you would use a generic dll and even without the usual function declarations(!)

                      See you soon


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                        I just prepared an example to connect to a webservice.
                        With almost no coding..

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                          for the ones interested in this part.
                          A webservice is soap based but you won't have to go to that level.
                          .NET does this all for you.

                          The parameters or return values are simply variants, since it's an ordinary com interface for the PB part of the code.
                          Good thing about the assemblies and the way PwrDev invokes these, there is no com registering whatsoever required.
                          Just compile the class and via PwrDev the assembly is directly available as true com class.
                          And thus no daunting declarations.

                          The connection will also work fine on SSL (https).

                          Today i worked on an authentication solution.
                          While i haven't found much other then to use the service in "Windows" authentication, i prefer to pass some kind of credentials to the object created.

                          I failed on the .Credentials method but it's pretty easy to add additional headers so you can pass data like a username/password in an encoded or not encoded way, your choice.

                          Today i got the header working and will soon show how to use it with username and password.

                          Funny thing is that this part works on a method level, not folder.
                          Just tag each method which needs the additional header.