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Egrid32 PRO - Getting close to 200 Users.

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  • Egrid32 PRO - Getting close to 200 Users.

    Egrid32 PRO - 32 BIT Grid Control for Windows Applications

    200 may not be a lot compared to the millions of users of other grid controls out there,
    But certainly the number doesnt mean Egrid32 is any less powerful. In fact, Egrid32 is
    often more powerful than many others out there. And it can be tweaked to do
    even more. Dont let it's humble roots deceive you.

    Since im not very far from 200, but also not very close, i think its a realistic
    Goal to reach 200 users in the next months. Here is some information that may
    help you taking the desition of buying Egrid32:

    Load information Very Fast.

    Egrid32 PRO allows programmers to load/retrieve data very fast, allowing you
    to optimize your application speed almost 100% from your source code.

    Highly customizable grid control.

    It also allows you to insert almost anything in cells and in some other areas of
    the grid control. Do you want to insert objects in Egrid32? No problem, you
    can put even dialogs in the cells.

    Design forms visually.

    With the Egrid32 Form designer (sold separately), you can visually design
    your forms, documents, invoices, recepits... anything you want, and then
    print them with the Egrid32 Print Engine! (sold separately, or free if you buy
    Egrid32 and Form designer at the same time)

    Customize the decorative look.

    You can add images for background, or an image per cell. Want more?
    you can tweak it programatically to draw it manually if you need to.
    Sky is the limit!!

    Lots of special features.

    Egrid32 PRO has lots of features that will allow you to do almost anything
    for your application, and if something is not possible with the provided
    features, Egrid32 PRO Provides many features for personalized behaviors.

    Standard Features.

    Egrid32 PRO provides many standard features like, Cell merging, Auto-Complete, Custom Colors, Custom Cursors, Custom Bitmaps, 5 types of cells... Any many many features that you can make use of.


    Egrid32 PRO sells for $ 89.95, And includes many goodies for using the control
    in several visual designers specially designed for PowerBASIC.

    Form Designer sells for $ 49.95, It inlcudes the form designer control, plus a front end.

    Print Engine sells for $ 39.95. With it, you will be able to print anything you load into Egrid32 with the standard commands. If you purchase Egrid32 PRO and the Form designer at the same time, the print Engine is Free.

    And as a limited time special offer, Get Egrid32 PRO and its add-ons for just $ 129.95!

    Also, With your purchase, you get free support for getting started using the control, and learning how to get the best of it.

    For ordering instructions, please send me a private message.

    I look forward reaching 200 users soon, and next goal, having all the PowerBASIC users as my customers!!
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    Congratulations Elias! You have put a lot of hard work into your product and it is nice to hear that so many people have realized the merits of your grid control.
    Paul Squires
    FireFly Visual Designer (for PowerBASIC Windows 10+)
    Version 3 now available.


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      1. What is your URL and email address?
      2. Do you have source code to display and and print a grid containing JPG images?
      3. Do you have source to print a report containg JPG images?

      If someone finds and follow the links they will eventually get the message below.

      The domain has expired. Please contact your domain name registration service provider for further assistance. If you need help identifying your service provider, visit
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        Im working on fixing that. I apologize for the delay, it should be working by now
        but i have been doing lots of other stuff.


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          Email should be sent through this BBS not to your old email address, I presume. Private message meaning this BBS, I'm guessing.
          I did send one to your old address, not sure you got it.
          The world is full of apathy, but who cares?


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            Does the Pro come with the form designer...or if not, if I use FireFly, does that control file do everything the form designer would do so I can get full use out of the control in FireFly?
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            Sys Analyst and Development


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              The form designer is sold separately. This is because many programmers
              can do without it. All the form designer can do, you can do with plain code,
              Except its much easier to do it visually.

              The Firefly ctl file allows you to modify the Grid Properties, like the gid sizes,
              colors, gradients, etc. The Egrid32 Form designer allows you to modify Grid
              properties plus the grid contents. For example, it allows you to add icons to
              headers, add cell bitmaps, add cell controls and combobox cell elements,
              changing row and column width...

              If you dont need that, then you can do fine with Egrid32 control alone.

              Mike, my e-mail is also down, with the website. For now the only ways to contact
              me, is trough this forums (I come daily), or my hotmail address.