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DDOC on Vista

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    DDOC on Vista

    Anyone using DDOC on Vista? Does it work?

    I don't have a Vista system to test and want to make sure I am not going to run into know issues.

    Thanks in advance,


    Works OK

    I have applications using DDOC working from a networked drive from Vista without any problems.


      DDOC works great on Vista

      Hello Brian Chirgwin,

      Been using DDOC on Vista for quite a while now and I haven't seen anything unusual. No issues. It works great.

      Best regards,
      Fredrick Ughimi


        DDOC works fine on Vista for us. The only caveat in 5 yrs of heavy use is that it might choke at about 30,000 pages being sent to a PDF printer. (It's probably the PDF PRINTER software's fault though).

        We wrote our own work-around by emulating all the ddoc commands we needed with XPRINT and ATTACHING the PDF printer. (Then again how many 65 meg pdf's do people make.)

        That one single thing doesn't come close to the utility and practicality of the product for us.

        Plus you get the source! We added a find button and others have done much more.

        Bob Mechler