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Elias Montoya - Need help with EGrid !

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    Elias Montoya - Need help with EGrid !

    I purchase EGrid32, the form designer, and the print capability via PayPal as required by the PURCHASE PAGE, but I have no information on how to obtain the software. Where can it be download?

    Also, PayPal advises me to contact the vendor by this email address:

    [email protected]

    but that email address is rejected because WhoIs says that domain is invalid (does not exist).

    So how do I contact the vendor?

    And how do I obtain the software I purchased?

    Thanks for your help.

    There is currently a mess with the website,
    i reinstalled everything and i had my password saved in my FTP
    client. Now i cant access it. I wanted to take Paypal purchases
    down, because my friend Brad byrne doesnt have time to
    administer it.

    Joe? Heeelp!

    I already contacted Paul trough e-mail.

    In the mean time as a good faith act for my mistake,
    while all this gets cleared, im sending Paul his licenses.
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      What can I do to help?
      Software makes Hardware Happen


        I lost my username and password, i need them to update the website.


          Check your PM.
          Software makes Hardware Happen


            Thanx Joe!



              Elias, I got your msg,

              for everyone, we/I've got a problem with the trustedwebhost sites, the domain name has expired, and perfectdesignstudios has been gone for many years, anyway, I months ago paid for, yet it still has never been reactivated, trustedwebhost says that it's a problem with IYsomething, their domain registrar, and I simply havn't had time to mess with it,

              if Joe can fix this by hosting Elias's EGrid GREAT!!!

              anyway, Elias I checked paypal and you do have some sales there, I also need to update the account info, hope it works easy, I've had to close the primary associated account because I had a few internet vendors who were charging the account w/o permission, IE, peoplePC & BestBuy!! arrgh!!

              anyway, I'll forward funds as soon as I can,


                Thanx friend!