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Egrid32 Form Designer 2.0 Beta test

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  • Egrid32 Form Designer 2.0 Beta test

    Im recruiting beta testers for the Egrid32 Form designer 2.0.
    Since this will be a free upgrade, This will not be a paid task.

    Prerequisites (Not estrictly necessary but very welcome):
    • It is not necessary to be a Registered user (Demo versions will be provided).
    • Having knowledge about Egrid32.
    • Previous experience with the Form designer.
    • Have some minutes a day for tests.
    • Experience with ergonomic GUI interfaces.
    • Good taste in the looking of software. (Need Critiques)
    • Experience with Phoenix visual designer.

    You can contact me to my e-mail address (in my signature),
    or via the forum's private messages. Tests will most likely start
    next monday or when enough testers join.

    Thank You.

    Version 2.0 of the Egrid32 form designer will be a free upgrade
    for existing users of the form designer 1.0.
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    There are only 2 Beta testers ATM. I need at least 3 more.

    Dont hesitate to join, this can also be a good opportunity to
    learn Egrid32!

    Remember that the Requisites are optional, best if you have them,
    but you dont estrictly need then.

    Join now.


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      Ok we are already 6 testers (I believe), if someone else wants to join, let me know.
      We will be testing this:

      Wanna see a feature of your own, make it easy to use to you? Now is the time!
      let me know your thought or ideas being an active Beta tester!

      Send me a private message.