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Winsock fix for SP

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    Winsock fix for SP

    After days of trying to figure out why my SMTP program was GPF'ing I found a
    free program on the internet that fixed the problem on my Windows XP SP2 machine.
    The program is WinsockXpFix 1.2. Now I can't make the program crash!
    The program apparently puts back registry keys that may be corrupted or removed. and many other places using Google search.

    Literally spent days on this and this program fixed the problem in seconds.
    Don't we love the registry.

    I'd recommend reading Microsoft's Knowledge Base article 299357. I imagine that most of what that utility does is actually perform those steps for you (any program that magically "fixes" the registry makes me twitchy, but that's me). Apparently it also resets the LSP catalog, so if you run this, you could end up breaking any firewall or anti-virus software that's installed. As with anything that does this sort of thing, create a system restore point for yourself before running it.
    Mike Stefanik


      Later found that the drive could not be cloned using Acronis True Image 10. This may or may not be related.

      RE: Check error: index corrupted using clone in True Image 10

      The problem was corrected by chkdsk c: /r
      The error message "Check error: Index corrupted" might be updated to reflect it is a hard disk error.
      Found the solution on the Acronis BBS.
      Chkdsk /r takes a considerable amount of time to run.