SrcFrmt is a source code formatter for PowerBASIC's
Win32 compilers. It is free and open source by TheirCorp.

What's new:
  • (Bug Fix) It now properly spaces minus signs used for
    negation even over continued lines (it didn't cause errors).
  • No restrictions on the content of the code: it can now
    format code containing only fragments of procedures and
    blocks (it assumes that the first line is already properly
  • No lower limit on the number of lines of code, nor their
  • User-settable hotkeys
  • Converts some syntax of PBWin8 and PBCC4 to be compatible
    with PBDLL6 and PBWin7.
  • Deletes statements such as: #PBForms, #Tools, #Debug,
    Profile and Trace which aren't compatible with PBDLL6.
  • It can identify which of 12 different editors is being
    used, retrieve its TAB width settings and adjust the
    formatting accordingly (all with no user intervention).
  • Uses real TABs for spacing: globals, locals, equates and
    so on...
  • "Preserve single blank lines" option
  • One-click check for new versions with the option to launch your
    browser to the download site.
  • Open-File dialog with multiple file selection, and auto-
  • Drag-and-Drop support with auto-backup
  • Commandline support with auto-backup
  • Minimizes to the system tray
  • Help file
  • Many bug fixes


TheirCorp's SourceForge project
  • API Helper --- a code generator for the Win32 API
  • BinEditPlus --- a decompiler and more
  • ComHelper --- a code generator for the COM programming
  • "Flex" --- an editor with novel features
  • GDI Debug --- catches programming errors that could lead
    to resource leaks
  • Import Monitor --- (an API hook) Intercepts and monitors
    calls to imported functions
  • Intricately Mergeable Templates
  • Jellyfish Pro enhancer plugin (adds drag-and-drop and more..)
  • TheirEdit --- an editor for PowerBASIC code
  • TheirNote --- a KeyNote clone (source code only for now)
  • TheirSheet --- a spreadsheet
  • SrcFrmt --- a source code formatter
  • Tooltipper --- a tooltip code generator

PowerBASIC article in Wikipedia

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