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Egrid32 Small update - 3.57.01

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  • Egrid32 Small update - 3.57.01

    Egrid32 got two small fixes and the Form designer also got a cosmetic fix.
    • Egrid32 Fix: When dragging selection, Egrid32 was sometimes crashing if the button was released in the area with no cells.
    • Egrid32 Fix: EG_SETAREADATA was not checking if the target area contained merged cells partially selected, resulting in a broken merged cell if it did.
    • Form designer Fix: Cursor was changing while a selection was being defined if the mouse pointer hovered over the selection frame.

    All registered users can get this small update in the Egrid32 Upgrade Page.

    Also, remember there is a Hot deal going on.

    Best Regards,

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    Hi Elias, it´s nice to see that you are working hard to better Egrid. We all thank you for that.

    However, I regret to tell you that the zip file which constains the help file for Egrid32 Forms Designer 2.00.03 seems to be damaged and the help file itself cannot be extracted. Nevertheless, I assumed that the help file that comes with the product is the latest.

    I´m sure this is just one those buggy things that now and then haunt all of us.

    I appreciate you letting us know when it is fixed.
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      Hello Pedro, Thanx for your kind words . Yes, the help file that comes in the
      installer is the latest. I will check the ZIP for the help file right away.

      Ok its fixed, but i found one strange thing, i re downloaded it using Firefox to
      verify it was all ok, and it keept downloading the old file. Seems like it downloads
      the cached file. When i tried with IE7, the file downloaded OK. Please
      keep that in mind.

      Thanx for reporting it!


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        Zip files always seem to be handled weird on each browser too. Sometimes in IE if I select to open a zip instead of save it will keep telling me it is corrupt unless I save first then open it. Firefox will open and save both without issue. As for firefox, sometimes you can delete the entry from the download window to get a new one...I wish the cach was easier to get to and look at, but I guess it is more secure. Clearing the whole cache kinda sucks when things get stuck like that.
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          Roger, you are aware of 'about:cache? - unless it doesn't do what you want.


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            Thanks David, never knew about that. Only knew of about:config and the old IE Easter Egg of about:mozilla.

            That is closer to what I need. Kind of link based instead of being able to just copy a file, but I guess I could always save the link.
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            Sys Analyst and Development