I have a program that Ddoc uses to print a document.
The document is printed correctly in a printer Epson LX-300 and C.Itoh C-650 (matrix printer) without problems,

but when I try to print in a laser printer 'RICOH', it doesn't print anything. I have modified the program to

print with another tool (report manager) and the print is carried out correctly.

The problem is that I have several programs that Ddoc uses to print and I didn't want to have to modify them all.

Is there some way that I can print with Ddoc in the laser RICOH?


Tengo un programa que utiliza Ddoc para imprimir un documento.
El documento se imprime correctamente en una impresora Epson LX-300 y C.Itoh C-650 (matriciales) sin problemas,

pero cuando intento imprimir en una laser printer 'RICOH', no imprime nada. He modificado el programa para

imprimir con otra herramienta (report manager) y la impresión se realiza correctamente.
El problema es que tengo varios programas que usan Ddoc para imprimir y no quisiera tener que modificarlos todos.
Hay alguna manera de que yo pueda imprimir con Ddoc en la láser RICOH ?