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SQL_ResColStr gives only 256 charaters back

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  • SQL_ResColStr gives only 256 charaters back

    I try to read a MediumText field from a MySQL database which is more then 256 characters long. I only get 256 back. The strange thing is that I can write a larger string.

    Powerbasic 8.04, FireFly 2.78
    SQL Tools 2.14, MyODBC 3.51, MySQL 5.0.

    I did not check any extra options in the myODBC configuration.
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    Originally posted by Frans Streur View Post
    FireFly 2.78
    I can't help you with your MySQL problem.... but I can let you know that FireFly is at version 2.86. You can get it here:
    Paul Squires
    FireFly Visual Designer (for PowerBASIC Windows 10+)
    Version 3 now available.


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      > SQL_ResColStr gives only 256 charaters back

      That is correct. You should either increase the default string-buffer size for Str columns (SQL_SetOption*) or use the SQL_LongResCol functions, as intended. By default, anything over 256 characters is considered to be a "long" column" and you should use the functions that are provided (to return strings up to 2 gig).

      -- Eric Pearson, Perfect Sync, Inc.
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