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Two new Power Snippets

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  • Two new Power Snippets

    Here are 2 new Egrid32 Snippets:

    Video on an Egrid32 Cell
    A Small Snippet wich also contains a Small video. This Snippet shows
    how to display videos in Egrid32 cells. This Snippet also shows how to
    embed objects in Snippets.

    Selection Movement (Drag and drop)
    This snippet shows how to work with the selections. In this example
    you will be able to see how to drag and drop areas of Egrid32 (within
    the same grid) to move the contents.

    Feel free to browse the code to see how it works. Tou can also use this
    code in your own projects. Portions of the code are courtesy of José Roca.

    How to use them:
    If you open Windows Explorer, you can simply double click them
    to open them in the Egrid32 Form designer Snippet Editor (you may
    need to Associate SNL files with The Egrid32 Form designer.)

    Next simply click the Compile button (the black arrow that points Right
    in the toolbar).

    You can also open them from the Open command in the Egrid32 Form
    designer's Snippet Editor.

    Have a great day!!

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    I almost forgot... if you dont have the Egrid32 Form designer Demo, you can download it here:


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      Hmmm. I grabbed the Demo above, then tried to view the videos, but Egrid32 tells me it needs the ATL.DLL library, which is in my \WINNT\System32 folder.


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        Just a clarification, Egrid32 doesn't require ATL.DLL.
        Egrid32 doesn't require any libraries that are not provided
        with the OS (Except windows 95).

        It is the Snippet code which requires ATL.DLL for creating
        the windows media player control in the cell.

        Actually the first thing you should see when you open the snippet, are
        the Snippet comments (Unless you re-save it with another module open),
        which state that you need ATL.DLL library.

        You can get the ATL.DLL file here:
        Download atl.dll free! Fix DLL missing error. Solve it yourself or get help using DLL‑ Client to fix DLL error automatically.

        If it is not correctly registered (like i think its your case), you can try
        putting it in the same folder as the compiled program... Or even better
        ill embed it in the snippet and post it for download. One moment....

        Have fun testing Donald!
        Last edited by Elias Montoya; 19 May 2008, 11:19 PM.


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          Ok its Online. I just uploaded it again, this time it contains a copy of ATL.DLL which will be extracted to the EXE location at compile time.

          If yuo re download it again, make sure it is 2,433Kb, i have tried to re-download files
          lately and my browser keeps "downloading" the cached file.

          Same link (in the fist post of this thread) applies.