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    Is anyone still using PB-specific editors like Jellyfish? I have a good programmer's editor (SlickEdit) but I'm feeling lazy on customizing it for PB for this project I'm working on. I had done that years ago and subsequently lost the customizations over years of re-installs when I had to switch languages. If this project weren't already seriously underway, I'd start over with Firefly.

    So what are my choices on PB-specific editors these days? I guess my big desires are keyword coloring, which probably wouldn't take too long to set up in any modern editor, and function/reference jumping, like F4 in Jellyfish (if I remember that right) or F2 in the PB IDE. Other niceties a plus, and I don't mind paying for one.
    Troy King
    katravax at yahoo dot com

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    For me UltraEdit is still the best.

    Patrice Terrier
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      Originally posted by Patrice Terrier View Post
      For me UltraEdit is still the best.
      Patrice, thank you. I also loved UltraEdit for years, and it was my primary editor for a long time. But I had to leave it for one simple thing that never seemed to get fixed over all the new versions: It did not support Undo after Regex Search & Replace. Did he ever add that in? It always seemed to me to be the worst kind of "no undo available" sin, in that it's easy to make mistakes in Regex.
      Troy King
      katravax at yahoo dot com


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        I find JellyFish Pro very practical; I use it for FreeBASIC too.

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          I use JellyFish on a daily basis; I've scanned all my standard include files (SQLtools pro, DDOC, some home made stuff) so I get keyword coloring and syntax help all the time.

          I figure out the hard way to get additional keywords into FireFly, but I hope 3.0 makes it easier
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            I'm a BIG Jellyfish fan too. I've tried a lot of the other options, but for me, Jellyfish has all the options lacking in the others.
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              ditto on JellyFish!
              Gary Stout
              gary at sce4u dot com


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                I also use JellyFish exclusively.

                While I don't need it all that often, the Column Edit Mode is a real time saver for UNIX-based report layouts I need to reconfigure annually (I use the Column Edit mode to cut and paste a tentative revised layout prior to using the Unix application to update the report layout).
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                  I use SED :



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                    ConTEXT is free and does everything a programmer would need. It also has the highlighter file for PowerBasic.



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                      I have used SlickEdit for years. Have coded lots of SlickC routines that work with PowerBasic. I have attached the source files for you to use if interested.
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                        I use JellyFish and would be lost without it. I am extremely biased of course
                        Paul Squires
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                          Everyone, thanks again for all your suggestions. I wish I'd started this project in Firefly, and the only excuse I can come up with for not doing it is that I was ill at the time.

                          Fred, thank you for the SlickC macros. I've been looking at them, and it's funny how looking at code that might be useful starts whittling away at my laziness. I may wind up back in SlickEdit after all. For some reason, when I installed the new v13, it didn't import my v12 settings, and those config dialogs start to be a drudgery after a while.
                          Troy King
                          katravax at yahoo dot com