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    Wow, I see why I installed it but ddn't spend much time with it
    It will take hours to analyse gbChartMaster and extract the relevant subset of all that to just generate a chart from a dataset.

    Do you have a "starter" example of using the include file to just plot the points in a single or two dimensional array on a chart in a graphics window?


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      Thank you Everyone

      @Gary, that's gbChartMaster is awesome!

      also as Stuart suggested, could you please give us a starter XY chart version which is less complicated


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        Howdy, Tim/Stuart!

        In the DLL subfolder is a sample app ... gbchartmasterdemo.bas. It's a demonstration of how to use the gbChartMaster DLL.

        That example has 3 tabs, corresponding to 3 sets of data - DataSet1, DataSet2 and DateSet3. One or more of those can be plotted on the same graph. The default data was assigned in the demo bas file in the Initialize Settings procedure.

        The Settings toolbar button brings up the full gbChartmaster Settings Dialog. On that dialog, upper left corner, select "2-Line" to plot both DataSet1 and DataSet2. That will plot the two sets of data as lines, bar charts, pie charts - whatever you select from the Settings Dialog.

        In a simple app, the Settings Dialog is not shown. This demo just show that it can be shown if desired to make a realtime change to the graph.

        I didn't allow passing of a two-dimensional array. Instead, you'll see that the data for each dataset is passed like this in the InitializeSettings procedure.

        B.UserData(1) = "60" + $CrLf + "40" + $CrLf + "90" + $CrLf + "160" + $CrLf + "120"

        Hope that helps. Ask more questions if needed!


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          That's still a bit long. Give me a bit and I'll make a much simpler demo.

          The discussion page for gbChartMaster has another shorter example.


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            Guess we should take the discussion about gbChartmaster to the other thread as per Gary's post #4 in light of Adam's reminder