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News from Jose in Forum and WEB-Site!

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  • News from Jose in Forum and WEB-Site!

    Jose has opened a new Forum-part with hundreds of Examples for PB/Win 9!

    Jose's Forum for PB/Win 9

    Additionally he has opened a new section of his WEB-Site.

    You can reach it, by clicking on the Picture in Jose's Forum (upper right corner - no this is not his gf!). Or click here ...

    Jose's Resources for PB/Win 9

    You'll find in the Menu on the right side thousands of Examples, Structures, Informations useful for programming the new PB-Compilers!

    I know he worked hard, day and night, to collect this biggest collection of resources for all of you!

    You'll also find a new version of the famous SED-Editor, ready for Objects! and his Typelib-Browser as an Alternative to the one that already comes with PB 9.

    Just found his official notice somewhere hidden:

    Forum news:
    * A new web page where you can download the latest version of the SED Editor, updated to work with the new compilers, and my new TypeLib Browser, specially designed to generate interface definitions and event classes for the new COM support. Also links to access to a series of reference guides. Click on the picture located at the top right side of the forum to access it, or click this link:

    * A new subforum devoted to the new compilers. In it, you will find updated headers and source code. The new Windows API files are a translation of most of the latest Windows SDK. The attachment includes 688 files, allowing you to use not only the Windows API, but the whole COM subsystem, and also technologies like DirectX. My libraries of wrapper functions are not longer needed and will be eventually deprecated.
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