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Interactive animated tutorial for uCalc with entertaining cartoon character

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    >TrackPopupMenu. Is that the case, or does it work with any hMenu handle

    You can use menus you define as POPUP in your resource file.

    But I never was able to get a POPUP as a standalone resource to work, so I made a regular 'complete' menu with the POPUP I wanted as a submenu of that, loaded the 'main' menu and got a handle to the popup submenu using GetSubMenu().

    I can't remember which application I did this in but I'll fire up Bob Scott's utility and look thru all my "*.rc" files for POPUP to see if can find that code.

    Michael Mattias
    Tal Systems (retired)
    Port Washington WI USA
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      New beta

      I have uploaded a new beta for the uCalc Graphing Calculator. Please visit and follow the link to the download page. The tutorial now includes navigation buttons. These same buttons can be programmed to do whatever else you want. There is a new tutorial topic that explains how to work with the new programmable buttons. The tutorial also is smoother overall.

      I'd like to thank those who have given feedback so far. But I need to hear from more people (if you've already sent feedback; additional feedback for this newest beta will also be welcome). So please send some feedback. You can get the calculator for free in exchange for your feedback (if you act now before the official version is released).
      Daniel Corbier
      uCalc Fast Math Parser
      uCalc Language Builder