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My Little Grid update to Version 1.07

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  • My Little Grid update to Version 1.07

    I just uploaded updates to My Little Grid Version 1.07. I added some requested items from users.

    1) Allow changing the header color and making the shadowing (fat look) optional.

    2) Allow hiding columns temporarily but remembering the columns width so columns can be restored to original width.

    3) Allowing to sort the table by columns. Just a note on this functionality - it assume that no row formating exists. The sorting honors character, number, and date types and sorts according. It seems to sort small to medium grid sizes OK.

    My Little Grid comes in two versions. The demo version is freeware which allows for 26 columns and 5000 rows in grid. This may be all many of the users need so feel free to use this version as you wish. The purchased version allows for 256 columns and 2,000,000,000 rows and only costs $35.

    My Little Grid is meant to an easy to use, basic grid with databases in mind. Please take it for a spin around the block.

    and to purchase

    A final note. I plan to discontinue my website in November. I only sell Pecon locally and none of my small base of customers use the site. I have not decided yet where My Little Grid will live. I will be out of pocket for the next few days so I hope all goes smoothly with this update.


    Jim Klutho
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    I use Hypermart for my web site. It only costs about $9 a month.

    To handle orders, I use BMT-Micro.

    BMT Micro, Inc. is a leader in software distribution and order fulfillment.

    They handle all the credit card stuff, EU VAT, etc.
    The simply take 10% of your selling price for their service and they don't charge anything if you don't have sales.

    For just a few dollars a month you can have your own web site and handle international orders.
    Chris Boss
    Computer Workshop
    Developer of "EZGUI"


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      Thanks for your thoughts Chris. I think I have found a place for MLG after my website terminates.

      I just uploaded new zip files to be downloaded from my website. The sort did not alter the row header by design. I had forgotten that a RECORD NUMBER may be in the extra field of the row header. I updated version 1.07 to also bring this field along with the rows being moved during the sort.