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  • PwrDev - .NET clarification

    Assemblies and executables
    The current version of PwrDev can execute .NET assemblies and executables.
    Assemblies are .NET DLL's.
    Executables are .NET specific and both these assemblies as executables can be executed entirly from memory.

    One good example of using .NET assemblies is using it with ASP.NET webservices.
    You can make an assembly with Visual Studio (Express), compile it and use it with PwrDev.
    PwrDev uses the PowerBASIC compilers like PB8/CC4 and up.

    No registering
    It's imaginable one thinks they'll need to register such an assembly.
    This is not the case.
    The way PwrDev loads this assembly for you, the assembly does not need to be prepared as com interface nor that assemblies require any registering at all.
    Exception is that if you prepare an assembly for com purposes (COM exposed) then you should register this assembly.
    Though.. PwrDev itself never uses it as COM object as we used to know.
    When you create class and make functions public and compile it, it's ready to go..
    The PowerBASIC Object Call aka Late bound syntax can then be used.

    As said before, optionally you can totally embed the assembly into the PowerBASIC application.
    Like as resource (RCDATA) or as assembly (!db..) whatever you choose..
    This makes it more self-contained.
    Of course, the .NET framework itself is always needed.

    PwrDev can also embed .NET usercontrols into it's forms.
    A usercontrol is a simple placeholder where you drop controls upon (Visual Studio).
    These controls produce events, event's can be routed using SendMessage() towards the PowerBASIC application running the usercontrol.
    On event you can use the Object Call syntax to execute a method or propery in any class or usercontrol(class).

    Having .NET support handy is simply awesome
    If you have a need to 'connect' to ADO.NET
    and other 1000ths of functionalities..?

    PwrDev is currently available for a lower price, make sure you benefit from that.
    Visit the productpage and find the purchase link to regsoft.