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SQLitening Database (local and client/server) Version 4 Released

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  • SQLitening Database (local and client/server) Version 4 Released

    Big news!

    SQLitening version 4 has just been updated. Fred has been hard at work toiling over the masterpiece that is SQLitening. In addition to fixing a few things, he has added some really cool new stuff (see #10 and #11 below).

    You can get SQLitening via the product page at

    ==================<[ Version 4 -- August 26, 2008 ]>==================
    1. Fixed documentation for slAttach, slOpen, slGetFile, and slPutFile
    2. Fixed security bug that allowed slOpen to create a file without
    correct password.
    3. Fixed bug in slBuildInsertOrUpdate.
    4. Changed slOpen and slAttach to return error -9 (File does not
    exist) rather than error 14 (Unable to open the database file) if
    the file does not exist.
    5. Changed slConnect if $NUL is passed as the Server then will run
    in local mode.
    6. Add ability to force a value to be numeric in slBuildInsertOrUpdate.
    7. Fixed bug in slExe error handling.
    8. Added checking for duplicate column names in Select statement. Will
    raise error -13 if occurs. SQLite allows duplicate column names
    in the Select statement which would cause slFN and slFNX to return
    undesirable stuff.
    9. Strengthened the documentation in SQLitening.Bas and SQLitening.Txt.
    10. Added a new function called slSelAry which will return a two dimension
    array containing the column data from all rows. This will allow you
    to navigate a record set both forward, backward, and directly. Sample
    usage is in ExampleC.Bas.
    11. Changed the password checking to include read-only access. A password
    containing the percent sign (%) character will require the file to be opened
    as read-only.
    12. Fixed bug in slExeBind.
    13. Fixed bug in slGetColumnCount.
    14. Added a ReadMe.Txt file in Doc folder.
    Paul Squires
    FireFly Visual Designer (for PowerBASIC Windows 10+)
    Version 3 now available.

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    WOW! A new version of PB AND SQLitening on the same day!!!

    And there's no snow on the ground. The last Christmas I had without snow was in 1994 while I still lived in So California!

    Thanks guys!
    Software makes Hardware Happen


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      Great stuff!! thanx paul!!

      5 star software!


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        Our friend, Mike Doty, was kind enough to set up SQLitening on his web server. He fired it up as a Windows Service, opened a port on his router, and allowed myself and Fred to connect to him over the Internet. Fred and I ran queries from our computers thousands of miles away. I am happy to report that SQLitening worked flawlessly. Very nice!

        So, now SQLitening users can have all the benefits of a lightning fast SQL based database product in local mode (wicked fast!) and client/server mode (both over a LAN or the Internet).

        SQLitening sure is easier to install and use (a few hundred kilobytes) verses having to deal with much larger systems like MySQL, FireBird, PostgreSQL or MS Server. Granted, SQLitening is much lighter on features than those systems but for general applications it certainly hasa lot going for it. For the type of applications that I develop, I can't imagine using anything else.
        Paul Squires
        FireFly Visual Designer (for PowerBASIC Windows 10+)
        Version 3 now available.