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How to store a pdf file in a BLOB field of SQLITE ?

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  • How to store a pdf file in a BLOB field of SQLITE ?

    I am having trouble figuring out how to successfully write a pdf file and/or image (jpg) to the SQLite database as a Blob, using PowerBASIC.

    How can I retrieve the pdf file and/or image (jpg) later from the BLOB field of the SQLite database ?

    I'm looking for sample PowerBASIC code.

    Thank you for your help.
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    Jean-Pierre LEROY

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    You can bind to a blob field but the simpliest is to convert the PDF to hex.
    Then insert with X'your hex data here'
    The data will be stored as the original (1:1), not as hex.


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      I recently posted a SQLite image blob example in the source code forum, if that helps?
      Here is the link:
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        Edwin and Chris, thank you for your answers.

        Chris, I looked at your application. It is almost what I need; can I reuse parts of your code ? I just need to add a new option to re-create the jpg file directly after reading the image from the blob field (loadfromDB() function): not sure if I have to use the function readblob() or if can save the data right after the query when the image is in the buffer.
        Jean-Pierre LEROY


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          Originally posted by Jean-Pierre LEROY View Post
          can I reuse parts of your code ?
          certainly, at your own risk!

          ISTR that the application loads a blob from the DB then puts it into a temporary file from which GDI+ loads it, so the code you need may already be there.