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My Little Grid updated to Version 1.09

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  • My Little Grid updated to Version 1.09

    I just uploaded updates of My Little Grid (Version 1.09) to my website.

    This update rounds out the new worksheets. The abilitly for the user to 1) doubleclick a tab and edit its name 2) hold the shift key down while clicking the current tab to change the tabs position on the worksheet tab bar with a drag and drop type action. Both of these features have similarities to those found in MS Excel. Obviously, item 2 has little use in the freeware version with only 3 sheets but if the number of sheets build up it is very useful. Also a unique SheetID is now generated when a new sheet is created so the programmer can track down were a sheet is positioned by the user when accessing sheet data. The new items can be turned on for user use with a WorkSheet Property message.

    My Little Grid comes in two versions. The demo version is freeware which allows for 26 columns ,5000 rows in grid, and 3 worksheets. This may be all many of the users need so feel free to use this version as you wish. The purchased version allows for 256 columns, 2,000,000,000 rows, 255 worksheets and only costs $35.

    My Little Grid is meant to be an easy to use, basic grid with databases in mind. With Workbooks, it is now an unbelievable value. Please take it for a spin around the block. If you are a paid user, grab the zip file password and have fun with this new version.

    I hope you like using My Little Grid.

    and to purchase

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    Hello James and thank you for the update.

    Any chance to have a seamless integration with FireFly designer
    Jean-Pierre LEROY


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      I am sorry. I was never able to get it to work with the Firefly designer (though it works as a custom control). I do not know what I am doing wrong.




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        Paul (Squires), I'm pretty sure you can help James; it could be a good addition to your FireFly designer
        Jean-Pierre LEROY


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          Hello James. When I change the date column to YYYYMMDD as below:
          MLG_FormatColNumber hGrid,3,8.2,%MLG_JUST_RIGHT 'max 8 integer digits and max 2 decimal digits
          MLG_FormatColDate hGrid,4,%YYYYMMDD'%MMDDYYYY 'MM/DD/YYYY date format
          and type in a date as, say 1939/04/25, the cell seems to redisplay any date as 2000.01.01

          I am using MLGRegisteredSDKsorttest.bas and hope you might guide me.



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            I found the date problem. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I will be releasing Version 1.10 in a couple weeks with some bug fixes and hopefully Firefly support. Besides the date problem you pointed out, the cell edit box may overwrite on to the scrollbars which is now also fixed. Paul Squires has been kind enough to fix some of my problems with the MLG control file I was trying to get to work with Firefly. I still have some issues to resolve but I am getting closer.

            Jim Klutho
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              Thanks James. I can wait.