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Egrid32 - Special Price.

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  • Egrid32 - Special Price.

    Egrid32 Special Offer

    I will be out of town for about 5 days. Starting this monday 6.
    While im out all of Egrid32 sales will cost $ 20.00 Less and its addons
    $ 10.00 less.

    This means you can Get Egrid32 for $ 69.95, The Egrid32 print
    Engine for just $ 29.95, and the Form designer for just $ 39.95.

    If you decide to get this special prices, please go to this webpage:

    And make payments with the "Donation" button. Dont worry, i will
    know that the payments are for the special price. Just drop me
    a note to to my private e-mail or a private message over this forums.

    Deliveries will be made saturay 11 morning.

    Thank you.

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    Gee, I should've waited a little longer to order.
    So here we are, this is the end.
    But all that dies, is born again.
    - From The Ashes (In This Moment)


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      Im still away from home, but any sales made during the past days will be
      delivered this saturday morning.

      Thank you for taking this special offer, and if you still haven't, remember that next price drop will not happen until probably few months from now.

      Thank you. Best Regards,
      Elias Montoya.

      Steven, i didnt know i was going out until someone missed me,
      didnt had this offer planned, sorry.