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  • Powerful Examples for Egrid32

    Even users that make extensive use of Egrid32 everyday, are missing
    some of the powerful features that Egrid32 offers. I think its a good
    idea to show some examples here, and it also serves the purpose of
    showing potential customers the features of Egrid32.

    I will start by showing how easy it is to add (and it will be even easier
    soon) any kind of control to a cell inside Egrid32.

    The source code is Short and easy to understand. The code is below.

    This example creates an instance of Egrid32, then configures the module
    that will receive the messages, notifications and commands of the attached
    controls. Finally it creates an instance of a system control: SYSMONTHCAL32
    and attaches it to a merged cell inside Egrid32.

    For more information or specific examples, you can contact me via private

    Thank you.

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    Egrid32 has been made in such a way that it allows programmers to do things EASY.
    If you need some special behaviour (as we programmers always do), you can do it with
    Egrid32 very easy.

    For example, Egrid32 allows you to add character filters, sort, subclass cell's (so you can
    add your own input mask), add images, set cursors, backgrounds, controls, sizes, colors,
    zoom... and MUCH, MUCH more!!!

    Egrid32 has more than 500 commands and around 70 interactive notifications (your
    answer will tell Egrid32 if you allow the action or not), and lots of tweaks are possible.

    Even better, all the design capabilities of Egrid32 can be used with the form designer
    and printed with the print engine in a breeze!! (both are optional and sold separately).

    Most of the graphic features you see on Excel, are possible on Egrid32, Plus many more!

    Egrid32 is a professional grid control that wont let you down.

    For custom examples send me an e-mail, private message, or a post here.

    For more information please visit:

    Thank you!


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      Can eGrid do the following.

      Have one row (one row spanning multiple columns) be set to owner draw ?

      Then, that row should never get the focus.

      So here we are, this is the end.
      But all that dies, is born again.
      - From The Ashes (In This Moment)


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        Of course you can Steven. This, of course, requires you to know
        a little bit the notifications and commands of Egrid32, but it is very
        easy to do it once you get the hang of it.

        I am attaching a commented example for this, i can enhance it a
        bit more if you need me to. The ZIP file contains a compiled version of the
        example, for those that don't have PowerBASIC compiler yet.

        The code will create an "Untouchable" row that can be used to ownerdraw
        anything on it. It cannot be selected at user-level.

        Try resizing the "forbidden" row or any of the column headers and see what happens.


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          Sweet !! Love it
          So here we are, this is the end.
          But all that dies, is born again.
          - From The Ashes (In This Moment)


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            I post here because I didn't find an email for Elias.


            can eGrid be used from inside a DLL?
            I ask becasue I got crazy trying to do it but now I think it is not an error from my side. Well, maybe it is but after days of try it is worth to ask.

            Attached a modified version of you demo but executed from a DLL. It seems the RegisterEGPClass fails to create the Class. I think it is due to the application instance but not sure.


            PS: to test my example you need EGrid DLL taken from original Elias attach file in first post of this thread
            Attached Files
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              Hello Eros,

              Im not at home yet, so i cant test this, but you have to register the Egrid32's class for the module that it will be created in. You can do this using the command RegisterEGPClass().

              In this case it would be something like:

              CALL RegisterEGPClass("EGRID32_2|EG322_C|SysMonthcalendar_In_A_Cell_DLL.dll")

              Then you would simply create the control using the class name "EGRID32_2" like this:

              CONTROL ADD "EGRID32_2", HMAINDLG......... Etc

              For details about this, or in case im forgetting something, you can refer to the help file for the topic RegisterEGPClass, which gives all the details about this. And dont hesitate to ask more if you still need help.

              Added for administrator:
              For some reason when i save this topic SysMonthcalendar_In_A_Cell_DLL.dll is saved as SysMonthcalend(space)ar_In_A_Cell_DLL.dll.. i cant seem to be able to fix it.
              Last edited by Elias Montoya; 9 Nov 2008, 11:28 AM.


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                Hi Elias,

                yes, your indication about how to register in case of module different from current EXE is working fine. I missed it from the help file.

                Thanks a lot.


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                  I sent you a mail about my purchasing of EGrid but didn't had any reply.
                  Can you check please?



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                    Hello Eros!

                    I have replied to your e'mail, please check it. Sorry about the delay,
                    im still away from home and the internet here is dialup and the computer
                    is very slow, so i dont connect every day.

                    I will try to log in everyday to answer purchase notifications, and i will
                    be back in home probably in 2 more days.

                    Contact me again if you are in a rush, in that case i will make couple
                    long distance calls so my brother helps me out.


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                      Got your mail.
                      No problem Elias. I will wait till you will be back.
                      Important is that you have my purchase notification.



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                        Egrid32 sales are available for fast delivery again.

                        And remember that if you people out there are interested in Egrid32,
                        you can request examples in this thread!
                        Last edited by Elias Montoya; 14 Nov 2008, 10:44 PM.


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                          Egrid32 - Workbooks

                          I created this example a long time ago, but i think it could be handy for
                          the users that weren't here when i made it. It works pretty well with the
                          newest version of Egrid32.

                          Source Code:
                          You can grab the source code by clicking here.

                          This source code creates a workbook, and adds an Egrid32 for each "page".
                          The code is long and undocumented (I created it a long time ago), but for
                          users related to SDK and DDT source code, it should be easy to understand.

                          Since WorkBooks are not an Egrid32's native feature, i created this external

                          Feel Free to use or modify it as you wish.