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Kudos to MLG

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  • Fran Green
    I agree. I'm using it for a fairly complicated data entry program and it's still simple to use.

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  • Joe Byrne
    started a topic Kudos to MLG

    Kudos to MLG

    Not to put down any other Grid control, but I just had to post a comment about MLG.

    Jim has done a great job with this! Its light-weight and easy to use.

    I've been working on an "MS Access" replacement using SQLitening and thought I'd give MLG a try on this project. I am really glad I did. I don't need a huge, full-featured grid, just something that can display the data fast and keep track of it. This was Jim's original design goal and he really hit a home run with MLG!

    For $35.00, this grid control is a steal!
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