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  • Egrid32 - Charity Special Sale

    I was planning to give away a special sale for Egrid32 in about 4 or 5
    more months, but due to the crisis that lots of people is facing, i want
    to offer a special sale to help someone in need. A really big need.

    If you want to help too, please make a purchase of Egrid32, the money
    obtained from this sale will go directly to someone that really needs it.
    If you would like to know more about the good people that will receive the
    money, dont hesitate to ask.

    Im willing to offer a 30% discount in all my products. This means Egrid32
    will be $ 62.97 The form designer will be $34.97 and the print engine
    will be just $ 20.97.

    You can purchase using this special discount by going here:

    You can make the payments using the "Donation" button, (i will know its a
    payment and not a donation unless you state so).

    Egrid32 is a 32 BIT grid control specially designed to work with
    windows applications. PowerBASIC programmers can use it for any task
    that requires a grid control, and due to its flexibility, in many cases,
    even for other purposes.

    For more information please visit or ask me directly
    through a private message here or a post.

    Thank you in advance!!

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    This sale is still going on. This sunday im planning to go to the small
    town where this people lives.

    If you are planning to purchase, please do it soon so i have the
    time to get the money out of the bank, If not, then ill take the money
    to them in two more weeks when i go again.


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      My apologies!!

      Seems like lots of purchase notifications were being sent to my spam box!
      Im sorry about this and im delivering right away!

      Thanx to everyone that has given their support so far. Please keep helping.

      Its very sad to see how when i feed some pigs in my friend's farm, they eat
      more calmly than the people that will get this money. They get about 7 dollars
      a day for hardwork from 6am to 6pm... and they are not alone (have family).

      BTW... it seems like Paypal transfers take about 4 days to complete, so, some
      of the sales will get there until next week.

      Thank you!!!
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