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    Some desktop links do not refer to a path/program, anyway i shall think of it.

    Patrice Terrier
    Addons: GDImage.DLL 32/64-bit (Graphic library), WinLIFT.DLL 32/64-bit (Skin Engine).


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      OfTheBay version 1.57

      Under request of Martin Francom, the "shorcut target path" is now shown on the dock, when you hold down the right mouse button, while hover a DockBar icon.

      Click here to download the new public version 1.57

      OfTheBay is powered by GDImage

      Patrice Terrier
      Addons: GDImage.DLL 32/64-bit (Graphic library), WinLIFT.DLL 32/64-bit (Skin Engine).


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        Thanks, Patrice... That's Great.

        Very useful, pretty eye candy. I like the way it helps to clear the clutter off the desktop.

        I haven't quit figured out how to use the DoOTB more specifically where to find the icons to use. But it will be fun to play with.


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          You can find many icons+ on this web site:

          Then just put the name of the icon you want to use in the OTB file, and that would do it.

          Patrice Terrier

          Addons: GDImage.DLL 32/64-bit (Graphic library), WinLIFT.DLL 32/64-bit (Skin Engine).


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            "Of The Bay" version 1.60

            OfTheBay has been enhanced with a new menu option to create/update the "OfTheBay.OTB" file,
            that would let you customize the shorcuts with your own set of icons, or hide existing shorcut(s), and/or add new OTB shortcut(s).

            Example of "OfTheBay.OTB" file:

            '|                               Of The Bay                                 |
            '|                                                                          |
            '|                         User shorcut definition                          |
            '|                                                                          |
            '|                                                                          |
            '|                         Author Patrice TERRIER                           |
            '|                            copyright(c) 2008                             |
            '|                                             |
            '|                         [email protected]                          |
            '|                                                                          |
            '| Build on: 12-17-2008                                                     |
            'Use @[email protected] to match either the OfTheBay.EXE path or the ShellTo target path
            'Use either 32x32 or larger (will be converted to 48x48)
            'in case of 32x32 the program adds the active icon background else not.
            '"ShellTo, UseLabel, IconName, WorkDir, CmdLine, EnableShortcutTrueFalse"
            'EnableShortcutTrueFalse = 0 // Disable this shorcut
            'EnableShortcutTrueFalse = 1 // Enable this shorcut
            'EnableShortcutTrueFalse = 2 // To inform OTB that this one refers to the "Recycle Bin"
            '                            // you must also provide 2 icons named:
            '                            // "RecycleBinEmpy.png" and "RecycleBinFull.png"
            'Replace "@[email protected]\48x48\????.png" with a custom PNG file.
            "Ordinateur, Ordinateur, C:\travail\sdk\template\GoldFish\XPAERO\OfTheBay\UserIcon\48x48\Computer.png, , , 1"
            "c:\program files\cc hyper file\cc120hf.exe, Centre de Contrôle HF, C:\travail\sdk\template\GoldFish\XPAERO\OfTheBay\UserIcon\48x48\Control.png, @[email protected], , 1"
            "c:\program files\google\picasa3\picasa3.exe, Picasa 3, C:\travail\sdk\template\GoldFish\XPAERO\OfTheBay\UserIcon\48x48\Picasa.png, @[email protected], , 1"
            "d:\sed\sed_116.exe, PBWin9, C:\travail\sdk\template\GoldFish\XPAERO\OfTheBay\UserIcon\48x48\PowerBASIC.png, @[email protected], , 1"
            "d:\disque_p\assigndsk.bat, Promotech, C:\travail\sdk\template\GoldFish\XPAERO\OfTheBay\UserIcon\48x48\Param1.png, @[email protected], , 1"
            "c:\program files\phoenix\bin\phoenix.exe, Phoenix, C:\travail\sdk\template\GoldFish\XPAERO\OfTheBay\UserIcon\48x48\Phoenix.png, , , 1"
            "c:\travail\sdk\template\bassbox24\bassbox.exe, BassBox24, C:\travail\sdk\template\GoldFish\XPAERO\OfTheBay\UserIcon\48x48\Woofer.png, @[email protected], , 1"
            "c:\program files\hp\quickplay\qp.exe, QuickPlay, C:\travail\sdk\template\GoldFish\XPAERO\OfTheBay\UserIcon\48x48\QuickPlay.png, @[email protected], , 1"
            "d:\wd11-us\programs\windev11.exe, WD11 US, C:\travail\sdk\template\GoldFish\XPAERO\OfTheBay\UserIcon\48x48\WD11.png, @[email protected], , 1"
            "c:\travail\sdk\template\moviebox2\moviebox.exe, MovieBox, C:\travail\sdk\template\GoldFish\XPAERO\OfTheBay\UserIcon\48x48\MovieProjector.png, @[email protected], , 1"
            "c:\windev 12\programmes\windev12.exe, WinDev 12, C:\travail\sdk\template\GoldFish\XPAERO\OfTheBay\UserIcon\48x48\WD12.png, @[email protected], , 1"
            "c:\program files\vahelp\vahelp73.exe, HelpMaker, C:\travail\sdk\template\GoldFish\XPAERO\OfTheBay\UserIcon\48x48\Vizacc.png, @[email protected], , 1"
            "c:\windev 12\zoleigest.bat, Z oleigest, C:\travail\sdk\template\GoldFish\XPAERO\OfTheBay\UserIcon\48x48\Run.png, @[email protected], , 1"
            "Corbeille, Corbeille, C:\travail\sdk\template\GoldFish\XPAERO\OfTheBay\UserIcon\48x48\RecycleBinFull.png, , , 1"
            "c:\windows\installer\{e4ddba93-769b-49d8-ba33-8814e45ed0c1}\_40c4cb6f6690400fa04ba2.exe, HP Help and Support, C:\travail\sdk\template\GoldFish\XPAERO\OfTheBay\UserIcon\48x48\HP.png, C:\Windows\Help\OEM\scripts\, , 1"
            "c:\windev 10\programmes\windev10.exe, WinDev 10, C:\travail\sdk\template\GoldFish\XPAERO\OfTheBay\UserIcon\48x48\WD10.png, @[email protected], , 1"
            "c:\windev11\programmes\windev11.exe, WinDev 11, C:\travail\sdk\template\GoldFish\XPAERO\OfTheBay\UserIcon\48x48\WD11.png, @[email protected], , 1"
            "c:\windev 10\disquez.bat, Disque Z, C:\travail\sdk\template\GoldFish\XPAERO\OfTheBay\UserIcon\48x48\HD.png, @[email protected], , 1"
            "c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe, Prompt, C:\travail\sdk\template\GoldFish\XPAERO\OfTheBay\UserIcon\48x48\Prompt.png, C:\travail, , 1"
            "Son - Raccourci, Son - Raccourci, C:\travail\sdk\template\GoldFish\XPAERO\OfTheBay\UserIcon\48x48\Sound.png, , , 1"
            "c:\windows\installer\{5c82dae5-6eb0-4374-9254-be3319ba4e82}\skype.ico, Skype, C:\travail\sdk\template\GoldFish\XPAERO\OfTheBay\UserIcon\48x48\Skype.png, C:\Program Files\Skype\, , 1"
            "c:\vs2005\zmovieplayer\bin\debug\zmovieplayer.exe, zMoviePlayer, C:\travail\sdk\template\GoldFish\XPAERO\OfTheBay\UserIcon\48x48\MediaPlayer.png, @[email protected], , 1"
            "c:\program files\acronis\trueimagehome\trueimage.exe, Acronis True Image Home 10.0, C:\travail\sdk\template\GoldFish\XPAERO\OfTheBay\UserIcon\48x48\Acronis.png, @[email protected], , 1"
            "c:\program files\filezilla client\filezilla.exe, FileZilla, C:\travail\sdk\template\GoldFish\XPAERO\OfTheBay\UserIcon\48x48\FileZilla.png, @[email protected], , 1"
            "c:\travail\photocomposer\photocompo.exe, PhotoComposer, C:\travail\sdk\template\GoldFish\XPAERO\OfTheBay\UserIcon\48x48\PhotoComposer.png, @[email protected], , 1"
            "c:\program files\blender foundation\blender\blender.exe, Blender, C:\travail\sdk\template\GoldFish\XPAERO\OfTheBay\UserIcon\48x48\Blender.png, @[email protected], , 1"
            "c:\users\administrateur\appdata\local\google\chrome\application\chrome.exe, Google Chrome, @[email protected]\48x48\????.png, @[email protected], , 1"
            "d:\photosetup\photosetup.exe, PhotoSetup, C:\travail\sdk\template\GoldFish\XPAERO\OfTheBay\UserIcon\48x48\PhotoSetup.png, @[email protected], , 1"
            'End of file.
            The link to download the file is unchanged:

            Attached Files
            Patrice Terrier
            Addons: GDImage.DLL 32/64-bit (Graphic library), WinLIFT.DLL 32/64-bit (Skin Engine).


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              I sure like using "OfTheBay". I recently was looking at a new note book. It's seems several companies now are supplying a "Dock"
              Dell has one that has a few features that I wished "OfTheBay" had.

              Here's a couple of suggestions:
              1) Being able to change the Icon/png OTB is using for an item, by dragging an icon/png file an dropping it on the current icon. Or to remove an icon completely by dragging it to the trash can. Possibly even drag shortcuts from explorer and drop/add them to OTB.
              2) Being able to select a divider line and place it anywhere on the OTB to separate groups of icons.
              3) Being able to re-arrange the icons on OTB by dragging them to a preferred location.
              4) Being able to show/hide desktop icons. I would like to see OTB not dependent on what icons are on the Desktop. But could add icons/shortcuts from anywhere.
              5) OTB automatically adds icons as new icons/shortcut are added to the desktop with out having to close and re-open OTB.
              6) Choice of different types of animation ei: grow, swing, bounce, rotate.

              7) On a standard resolution the OTB GUI looks pretty good, but on wide screen at a high resolution then the OTB looks too small and the text readabilty stresses the eyes. It would be wonderful if there was a selection in the setup options that would allow the user to select a size for OTB that is appropreate for the screen resolution.

              Just a couple of ideas.
              Last edited by Martin Francom; 23 Dec 2008, 03:06 AM. Reason: to add a thought


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                These are good suggestions, why not trying to add some yourself?

                The "Of The Bay" source code is available there.

                Patrice Terrier
                Addons: GDImage.DLL 32/64-bit (Graphic library), WinLIFT.DLL 32/64-bit (Skin Engine).


                • #48
                  I have been able to complete a new "Of The Bay" version 2.00, that runs on a x64 Windows OS.
                  (It should also work with x32 Windows OS)

                  I have added a couple of new features:
                  To dynamicaly create, edit, and check for the changes you have done in the OTB file.

                  For example you can change the order of the links in the OTB file, and this will change the icon location order on the dock bar.

                  If you want to try it, then let me know.

                  Patrice Terrier
                  Addons: GDImage.DLL 32/64-bit (Graphic library), WinLIFT.DLL 32/64-bit (Skin Engine).