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TheirCorp's SrcFrmt v2.1 (source code formatter) --- Four Improvements

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  • TheirCorp's SrcFrmt v2.1 (source code formatter) --- Four Improvements

    TheirCorp's SrcFrmt v2.1 has four improvements.
    SrcFrmt is a source code formatter for PBDLL and PBWin7 (it should work well
    with PBWin8 and PBCC4 too).

    New Features and Improvements:
    1. Option to indent all Locals, Statics and Dims
    2. Option to indent labels
    3. Properly spaces UDTs
    4. Improved spacing of Locals, Statics and Dims, when some are mixed in with regular code

    Adding the new features resulted in new IDs for some controls and they
    aren't compatible with previous INI files. For now, the only way to transfer
    your current settings to the new version is manually.
    Try running both versions at the same time, from different folders so you
    can compare them as you go.

    TheirCorp's SourceForge project
    • API Helper --- a code generator for the Win32 API
    • BinEditPlus --- a decompiler and more
    • ComHelper --- a code generator for the COM programming
    • "Flex" --- an editor with novel features
    • GDI Debug --- catches programming errors that could lead
      to resource leaks
    • Import Monitor --- (an API hook) Intercepts and monitors
      calls to imported functions
    • Intricately Mergeable Templates
    • Jellyfish Pro enhancer plugin (adds drag-and-drop and more..)
    • TheirEdit --- an editor for PowerBASIC code
    • TheirNote --- a KeyNote clone
    • TheirSheet --- a spreadsheet
    • SrcFrmt --- a source code formatter
    • Tooltipper --- a tooltip code generator

    PowerBASIC article in Wikipedia
    TheirCorp's projects at SourceForge

    TheirCorp's website