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My Little Grid Version 1.11 is ready for download

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  • My Little Grid Version 1.11 is ready for download

    I just uploaded updates of My Little Grid (Version 1.11) to the Planetsquires website.

    The big new with this version is the ability to freeze a row and/or column next to the headers. When dealing with big tables this option can be indispensable. There were other small enhancement suggested by users and as always little bug fixes.

    MLG with its workbook sheets and built-in placeholder for row record numbers, is perfect for working with multi-table SQLite databases. For you Firefly users, just drag a MLG control to your form, hookup to your SQLighting DB and load all of your DB tables to its own worksheet within MLG. Pretty handy.

    My Little Grid comes in two versions. The demo version is freeware which allows for 26 columns ,5000 rows in grid, and 3 worksheets. This may be all many of the users need so feel free to use this version as you wish. The purchased version allows for 256 columns, 2,000,000,000 rows, 255 worksheets and only costs $35.

    My Little Grid is meant to be an easy to use, basic grid with databases in mind. With Workbooks, it is now an unbelievable value. Please take it for a spin around the block. If you are a paid user, grab the zip file password and have fun with this new version.

    A note to paid customers - It is always good to update the include file from the demo download when updating the registered version. Sometimes things change enough to cause problems using a new dll with an old include.

    I have now put a copy of the password protected zip file in the demo download for convenience - easier to keep the include files and sample files sync'd.

    I hope you like using My Little Grid. Check it out at Planetsquires.

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    Can you print/preview a grid?
    The world is full of apathy, but who cares?


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      Printing is not built into the control. I put a subroutine in one of the examples which prints part of the grid to be used as a go by. A generalized print functionality is beyond the scope of the control.