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uCalc Fast Math Parser 2.96 ready; final feedback needed

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  • uCalc Fast Math Parser 2.96 ready; final feedback needed

    uCalc Fast Math Parser 2.96 is completed, and tentatively scheduled for official release on December 10, 2008 (which is next week). If you would like to download a copy now, please contact me. The file available today is likely to be the same one that will be announced on the official release date, unless a show-stopping problem is brought to my attention before then. Feedback big or small from PB users before Wednesday will be very helpful. There are some important changes since the last beta. For PB in particular, native callbacks are significantly faster than the last beta, for instance.

    Please note that it has been around a year since the last release, and it may take a while for a subsequent version to be released. So now (prior to next Wednesday) is a crucial time to give version 2.96 a try.
    Daniel Corbier
    uCalc Fast Math Parser
    uCalc Language Builder