TheirCorp's SrcFrmt v2.12 (source code formatter) is available.

The "Preserve single blank lines" option caused improper indentation after
some blank lines. All-In-One has NOT been updated ("All-In-One" contains all
the downloads from the ideaTester project, for convenience).

TheirCorp's SourceForge project
  • API Helper --- a code generator for the Win32 API
  • BinEditPlus --- a decompiler and more
  • ComHelper --- a code generator for the COM programming
  • "Flex" --- an editor with novel features
  • GDI Debug --- catches programming errors that could lead
    to resource leaks
  • Import Monitor --- (an API hook) Intercepts and monitors
    calls to imported functions
  • Intricately Mergeable Templates
  • Jellyfish Pro enhancer plugin (adds drag-and-drop and more..)
  • TheirEdit --- an editor for PowerBASIC code
  • TheirNote --- a KeyNote clone
  • TheirSheet --- a spreadsheet
  • SrcFrmt --- a source code formatter
  • Tooltipper --- a tooltip code generator

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