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  • PwrDev - Update

    Happy new year!

    PwrDev users can obtain the last update using their account.
    Please follow the announcement forum on

    If you haven't much to do today.. the helptopic now contains 1495 topics!

    One the latest features/updates:
    Better .NET - usercontrol integration, example available.
    Some great string handling like concat, linecount and retrieval and data searching with optionally case insensitive search.
    More IO functions.
    Com server template with auto-generated GUIDs, lot's of remarks in that code will help you write this stuff easier.
    A com based statusdialog with cancel option.

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    Just for fun:

    I am a bit playing with Linux and mac an CrossOver and Wine.

    CO on mac works pretty nice (doable speed):

    There is even support for the browser (via ATL):

    Wine under Puppylinux, works but terribly slow.
    Not sure this is a VirtualBox issue yet.

    I also used openSuse but that one is also very slow.
    For both applies 100% cpu for the simpliest tasks.
    Maybe when directly installed it may all work out better.

    Wine is a .pet download which you can find on the puppy forum.
    I don't see the need for CO at this time but then, i haven't explored it any further as what you see now.
    If i would install the compiler it may not be executed from inside PwrDev, who knows?


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      Hello Ed,

      Thanks for all the hard work you have put into PwrDev.

      Kind regards,
      Fredrick Ughimi


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        Thank you