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  • Attn: Console Tools Users

    Last week a couple of Console Tools users mentioned here than they were experiencing problems with some combination of Console Tools, PB/CC version 5, Vista (?), and/or the CWC program that is included with Console Tools. I asked for more details but so far nobody has responded.

    We haven't had any other reports of problems, but these types of things make me nervous.

    Has anybody out there experienced any problems with Console Tools that they'd like to share?

    -- Eric Pearson, Perfect Sync, Inc.
    "Not my circus, not my monkeys."

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    I also asked in a private message that the user send in an example of this to PowerBASIC support, but that never occurred. I have tried to replicate the problems mentioned with PBCC 5 and Console Tools, but could not. PowerBASIC support has not had any reports of these problems.

    Steve Rossell
    PowerBASIC Staff


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      Haven't downgraded to vista yet...

      so not much help here I'm afraid

      John Strasser
      Phone: 480 - 273 - 8798


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        I apologize for not following up sooner on this. I eventually went away from the CWC. That has created its own problems for me, but I'm solving them one by one. I think CT is still a viable product on Vista machines.

        My problem turned out to be the placement of certain threads I created. I didn't recognize (it was a long section of code) that I was opening them between a Gfx_Freeze / Gfx_Unfreeze. When I finally realized that (embarrassing, I know) everything was fine.

        I just happened to see this thread, and thought I'd report back. As always, I thank you and others for their prompt responses. I'm working on a different problem at the moment which I posted on yesterday on the Windows Board.
        Craig J. Slane
        Nostalga Sim Baseball