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VB6 major update

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  • VB6 major update

    If you follow the knowledge base this is required.
    Most files updated to 11/13/2008. Mentions a big security hole.
    Large list of files at the bottom:
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    Are we talking DLL or OCX hell? Both.

    Even if you update with this, it wouldn't update a distribution from Microsoft of VB6 SP6.
    Looking to see if they updated that, too.

    This is the backup folder for these files, guess what, after doing this update it does NOT update them.
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\Common\Tools\VB\Controls\Controls_Backup

    Microsoft says home users would get them here. This was not found earlier on my test machines.
    Windows Update; update; security; secure; up-to-date; download; driver; patch; fix; hotfix; QFE; bug; critical; high priority; service pack; Automatic Updates; Windows XP; Windows 2000; Windows Server 2003; WinXP; Win2k; Win2000; WS2k3; WS2003; .NET Server; SP

    I have submitted a request to Microsoft to update the runtime distribution.
    Microsoft still has links to the old files from 5 years ago (vbrun60sp6.exe.)
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    Move files to VB6 backup folder after the update

    #DIM ALL
    'After performing the update this moves 60 files found dated 11/13/08 to VB6 backup folder.
      LOCAL SourceFolder AS STRING
      LOCAL DestFolder   AS STRING
      LOCAL x            AS LONG
      LOCAL sFileName    AS STRING
      LOCAL FilesCopied   AS LONG
      SourceFolder = "C:\Windows\System32\"
      DestFolder =  "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\Common\Tools\VB\Controls\Controls_Backup\
      FOR x = 1 TO DATACOUNT
          sFileName = READ$(x)
          FILECOPY SourceFolder + sFileName, DestFolder + sFileName
          IF ERR = 0 THEN
            INCR FilesCopied
             ? "ERR" + STR$(ERRCLEAR) + " copying " + SourceFolder + sFileName
          END IF
      ? "Number of files copied" + STR$(FilesCopied)  'I found 60 dated 11/13/2008
      SLEEP 2000
    DATA comctl32.dep
    DATA ComCt232.dep
    DATA ComDlg32.Dep
    DATA msrdo20.dep
    DATA mscomctl.dep
    DATA mscomct2.dep
    DATA mci32.dep
    DATA msmapi32.dep
    DATA msmask32.dep
    DATA msrdc20.dep
    DATA PicClp32.dep
    DATA richtx32.dep
    DATA TabCtl32.dep
    DATA sysinfo.dep
    DATA MSComm32.dep
    DATA MSBind.dep
    DATA MSAdoDc.dep
    DATA MSChrt20.dep
    DATA MSDatGrd.dep
    DATA MSDatRep.dep
    DATA dbadapt.dep
    DATA MSDbRptr.dep
    DATA dblist32.dep
    DATA MSDatLst.dep
    DATA MShflxgd.dep
    DATA dbadapt.dll
    DATA sysinfo.Ocx
    DATA MSBind.dll
    DATA MSCsfDbg.dll
    DATA msstkprp.dll
    DATA MSComm32.Ocx
    DATA PicClp32.Ocx
    DATA MSAdoDc.ocx
    DATA msstdfmt.dll
    DATA msrdc20.Ocx
    DATA msmask32.ocx
    DATA ComDlg32.OCX
    DATA ComCt232.ocx
    DATA msmapi32.Ocx
    DATA dblist32.Ocx
    DATA TabCtl32.Ocx
    DATA richtx32.Ocx
    DATA MSDatRep.Ocx
    DATA mci32.Ocx
    DATA MSFlxGrd.ocx
    DATA MSDatLst.Ocx
    DATA MShflxgd.ocx
    DATA MSDatGrd.ocx
    DATA MSDbRpt.dll
    DATA msrdo20.dll
    DATA MSDbRptr.dll
    DATA dbgrid32.ocx
    DATA mscomctl.OCX
    DATA MSChrt20.ocx
    DATA comctl32.Ocx
    DATA mscomct2.ocx 
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    The world is full of apathy, but who cares?


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      Even if you don't use VB6, you might have a utility that does and
      might be affected by the security update. I would at least check
      a few of the files and see if they are dated before 11/13/2008
      if found in your system32 folder. I found some in multiple locations
      and removed them.
      The world is full of apathy, but who cares?