Hi FireFly users,

I am pleased to announce that FireFly Visual Designer 2.95 is ready for download. This is a free update for all FireFly users. Simply install it over your existing FireFly installation or install it in a separate folder - the choice is yours.

Most likely this will be the last FireFly in the Version 2 series. FireFly 3 will be the next major incarnation of The FireFly Visual Designer.

The download link and additional information can be found at: http://www.planetsquires.com/firefly.htm

Here are the changes in Version 2.95:
- Modified the code generated WinMain function better accommodate a return value from the application. Set the App.ReturnValue prior to ending the application.
- Added the following to the description for the "foreColor" property: "Has no effect for Option Buttons and Frames if XP Themes are active."
- Fixed problem whereby manual entering of size properties does not work correctly when adjusting for controls on a TabControlChild form when that form's TabControlAutoSize property is set to TRUE.
- The UpDown Control was only allowing values between 0 and 32767 to be entered in the PopertyList for Min, Max and Value.
- The UpDown Control was not maintaining the correct 'Width' property value.
- Fixed code generation error when cracking certain wParam messages with LoWrd/HiWrd instead of LoInt/HiInt.
- Enhanced the error message when compiler paths missing. It now instructs the user to also check the compiler assigned to the project.
- Added code generation code to better initialize the siGrid custom grid control.
- Modified software protection to prevent random General Protection Faults (GPF's) when FireFly runs under Windows Vista.
- Added support for "Thread Function" in code editor and code generator.