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  • Extended Task Manager

    At first I didn't think this was as comprehensive as Task Manager - I couldn't find a 'Select Columns ...' in the View menu with the Processes tab selected. However, each tab can be configured via the icon to the right of the tabs.

    This is a superb replacement for Task Manger.

    Extended Task Manager.

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    Thanks for the info - I'll try to check it out over the weekend.

    I've been using ProcessExplorer for awhile now, and it's a great improvement over TaskManager. It's from SysIntenals (Mark Rossinovitch, of Rootkit Revealer fame) and is free. It's downloadable from the microsoft site; I don't have a link at hand. Over the weekend I'll add it.


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      I've been using ProcessExplorer for awhile now, and it's a great improvement over TaskManager.
      It is, for exploring processes but Task Manager is more than just exploring processes. The Extended Task Manager should not be compared with Process Explorer but with Task Manager.


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        Good one, David. Thanks !

        Kind regards


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          A particularly useful feature comes into play when we place the cursor over some activity in the Performance tab graphs - we get a breakdown on what is contributing to the activity. Notice how the time changes as we move up and down the graphs. Excellent.


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            I think your assessment of process explorer (mentioned by John) was from lack of experience with it. From what I have seen of all three, Extended Task Manager is a step above Task Manager for sure, but Process Explorer is another couple steps above both.

            I couldn't find anything that you could do with ETM that you couldn't also do with PE. But PE has so many more features. PE has an extra benefit over ETM of not having to be installed (standalone executable), making it a great tool for those of us who troubleshoot many different computers (some of which I wouldn't want to install software that only I would use).

            If you like the individual application performance graph info, try turning on CPU History from the Process Performance tab on the Select Columns dialog (in PE).

            I would encourage you to re-evaluate Process Explorer



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              Has anybody been able to download v1.0.4.10? I keep getting v1.0.4.6
              and have been trying 3 different sites ( even the author's site ). Shame
              they don't put some version number on the about screen. Had to go by
              file dates ( v1.0.4.10 should be dated 2/12/2009 or close ).

              Just checking.


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                The latest entry in their 'News and Links' section appears to be December 11, 2008, the day 'Free Extended Task Manager' was published according to this. No idea where the comes from - all the download sites I looked at are quoting same.