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  • Patrice Terrier
    Game is over, thank you!


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  • Patrice Terrier
    Just a few hours to put your hand on the amazing PhotoComposer source code, with your GDImage order.

    The source code of PhotoComposer represents more than 640 hours work!

    It is a wonderful template, to build sophisticated interactive graphic application, using the GDImages's sprite array facilities to easily setup/retrieve all the sprites properties.

    '// Assign the ZOBJECT structure/type parameters to the Sprite array
    SUB SpriteArrayGet(BYVAL ID AS LONG)
        DIM zItem AS ZOBJECT
        CALL ZD_GetObjectProperties(ID, zItem)            '// Retrieves all the details about a GDImage sprite object in one single step.
        gSprite(ID).ID = ID                               '// The unique sprite object IDentifier
        gSprite(ID).objtype = zItem.objType               '// The object type (bitmap, text, arrow, curve, rectangle, ellipse, polypolyline)
        gSprite(ID).objlabel = zItem.objLabel             '// Friendly name
        gSprite(ID).xPos = zItem.x1                       '// X location
        gSprite(ID).yPos = zItem.y1                       '// Y location
        gSprite(ID).xWidth = zItem.x2                     '// Width of the sprite object
        gSprite(ID).yHeight = zItem.y2                    '// Height of the sprite object
        gSprite(ID).ARGB = zItem.useARGB                  '// ARGB color
        gSprite(ID).visible = zItem.visible               '// ZS_HIDDEN or ZS_VISIBLE state
        IF (zItem.Style AND %ZS_SCROLL) = %ZS_SCROLL THEN '// Scrolling mode
           gSprite(ID).scrollmode = -1
           gSprite(ID).scrollmode = 0
        END IF
        gSprite(ID).opacity = zItem.opacity               '// True/False PNG opacity
        gSprite(ID).userotate = zItem.userotate           '// Rotate90FlipNone or Rotate270FlipNone
        gSprite(ID).flipmode = zItem.flipmode             '// True/False condition
        gSprite(ID).angle = zItem.angle                   '// Rotation angle 0-360
        gSprite(ID).locked = zItem.locked                 '// True/False condition
        gSprite(ID).zorder = zItem.order                  '// The z-order value
        gSprite(ID).scale = zItem.scale                   '// The scale value
        gSprite(ID).style = zItem.Style                   '// The object style
        gSprite(ID).quality = zItem.quality               '// The object quality
        gSprite(ID).clone = zItem.clone                   '// The unique ID of the cloned object
        gSprite(ID).selected = 0                          '// Set selected status to Off
        gSprite(ID).strFormat = zItem.strFormat           '// String format (PhotoCompoPro)
    Also looking at the source code, is a unique opportunity to learn from the low level SDK coding what is going on behind the hood.

    If you are a professional developper, consider this as an investment for the future, because it is just what you would pay for a few days of dedicated programming work...

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  • Patrice Terrier
    This is to remind you that my special offer will stop on february 28, at 12 pm.

    If you act quickly i would add the source code of the PhotoSetup project:

    With this source code, you will discover all the latest GDImage additions, and how to produce state of the art imaging interface with the dedicated SkinEngine.


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  • Patrice Terrier
    Example of "Touch Screen" SDK application done with GDImage.

    As you can see you are not limited by the Windows window style, and you can design your own interface!

    But if you are not a design guy yourself, i can do it for you and create exclusive theme like this one.

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  • Patrice Terrier
    The unique offer to get the PhotoComposer source code, altogether with a GDImage order, will expire in a few days.

    If you are new to PowerBASIC or if you have any serious graphic needs, then don't let it go!

    To show you some of the very unique features of GDImage, i have reworked the Crystal demo to play it with VISTA AERO in full DWM composited mode.

    You can download the file there.

    Several GDImage examples, as well as the PhotoComposer project are provided with a state of the art SkinEngine, to create amazing graphic interface like this one:

    If you have VISTA AERO, make sure to try the exclusive "Crystal mode" to see how GDImage is able to work altogether with VISTA DWM.


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  • Patrice Terrier
    GDImage is not limited to one single graphic technology, it has them all:

    It handles multiple layers in full composited mode.
    It works in full ARGB 32-bit mode.
    It does image/sprite rotation at any angle.
    It does zooming in/out without any pixel loss of the original picture.
    It can handles as much as 1024 sprites altogether.
    It allows you to display text at any angle.
    It can mix vector and raster graphics altogether into the same control.
    It can remove red eye.
    It can fine tune red, green, blue color components.
    It can setup hue, saturation, contrast and alpha channel.
    It is able to draw directly onto a DirectDraw surface.
    It can turn any image format into OpenGL texture.
    It can convert from bitmap to GDI+ image and reverse.
    It as a full set of properties that would apply to each of the object being manipulated.
    It can manipulate group of objects.
    It has events to control any Windows message from callback.
    It can perfom image annotation.
    It is able to clone any sprite object to optimize the memory footprint.
    It handles all the most common graphic formats.
    It does all the resource hard work for you (create and forget).
    It can handles very large pictures.
    It has built-in effects to perform image transition/animation.
    It works with all major languages including DotNET managed applications.

    GDImage is the result of 20 years spent in the imaging industry!

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  • Patrice Terrier
    started a topic Let us speak about graphic!

    Let us speak about graphic!

    Ok, i will not offer you to "beat the recession", but to learn from a complete commercial application what could be done with one of the best graphic toolkit ever made available to this community: GDImage

    Here is the offer:

    Order GDImage before the end of february, and you will get the complete SDK source code of PhotoComposer:

    For your information PhotoComposer is ranked in the TOP 100 download here in france by "01men".

    You can try the english version there.

    The PhotoComposer source code is full of advanced features that takes me years to master, it is the best offer i have ever done here, try it and see by yourself why GDImage is the tool of choice for any serious graphic needs.

    "Don't let this offer pass you by"

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