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  • ColumnMapper

    ColumnMapper is a custom control soon to be found in the PwrDev designer.
    For now i make it public in executable form and is used to manually determine the columns for fixed files.

    I ever posted a similar tool called matchmaker but this week i rewrote it entirly and is now handled via a com interface.

    Please test

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    Run the application, select open from the menu and choose a textfile.
    On the ruler you determine the columns.
    Menu item positions returns the positions.
    Use Ctrl+C to obtain the positions from the msgbox.

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    Ok, I tested it. Near as I can tell all it does is mark column positions and will give you back a table of same.

    I hope you are not looking at this as a big moneymaker, because I did the same thing with a standard listview control and a little WM_NOTIFY/NM_CUSTOMDRAW code.

    (Ok, so getting the horizontal scroll to work correctly is a dog of a job).

    (But my column marker is drawn in RED!)
    Michael Mattias
    Tal Systems (retired)
    Port Washington WI USA
    [email protected]


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      In the mean time i replaced with a newer version.
      It fails on the lengths returned (positions).
      I have to fix that tomorrow before permanent implementation.

      This is not ment to be a money maker but i used a similar control for years for our importmodule regarding fixed files, i would not like to go without such a tool.
      I am sure almost none of the PwrDev users will ever use it.. except me.
      What do i care

      The listview is not that difficult, i have a grid based on a LV and i know the horizontal scrolling/drawing issues.
      If i ever encounter a problem with the listbox i'll make the move.
      It's not it's purpose to parse all lines, it has now the capacity of MAXWORD so that is good enough for 99.9% of the cases (if not 100%).

      All colors can be set but just not in this test executable.