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PwrDev - New pricedrop and a cool bonus offer!

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  • PwrDev - New pricedrop and a cool bonus offer!

    Benefit from the current price drop!

    PwrDev developer for only $79 !!
    And that's not all, you can get yourself a neat license for CrossOver for Mac or Linux Professional* for only $10 extra!
    Compare that with the original prices on

    Be quick since the PwrDev price drop will not last and also the additional licenses are limited for this combination.

    * Notes *
    PwrDev does not run enirly flawless on these platforms.
    See it as a welcome way to obtain a cheap license.
    You can create programs with PwrDev on Mac or Linux but there are parts which simply can not work or work differently.
    For example:
    The webbrowser does work fine but can not be instructed via the Shell.Explorer progid but only via an url.
    .NET support?
    Unfortunately not.

    Each separate license costs $10.
    You'll have a choice of no license, Mac and/or Linux.

    PwrDev is not guaranteed to work on these platforms and support can not be given.
    Of course suggestions for improvement can be made on the board.
    I simply hope you'll welcome this combination.

    Here is another image taken from the mac:

    And here is one for Linux (PwrC/lcc is shown):


    PwrDev is an unique development tool, by default it stores all code inside a single project file.
    Ever wanted to program on location and discover additional includefiles where missing or had conflicting station/device letters?
    Anyway, you can still link files using #include or add them in the project tree.
    Whatever you prefer.

    Start, create form or (class)module, F5 and run!
    Create Executables, dll's, applets and a few more of these types (dlls require PB/WIN)
    For example when you create a com-server the tlb is embedded for you, this behaviour can be turned off of course.
    There is also a com-server template for even more rapid development.

    There is a lot to gain here, there are so many practical code fragments available for your projects.
    Just add modules you need with one click via the 'Extra code' part in the projectsettings dialog.

    Database, xml, to much to name..

    And then let's not forget .NET.
    PwrDev will let you execute compiled .NET assemblies.. even directly from memory.
    In a way you may speak of static linking since it does not need to save the assembly to disk.
    PwrDev has several ready to go .NET support modules/assemblies.
    Add database support in a click, the DbFactory class will let you connect to any database type .NET can support!
    A datareader (forward only) recordset is also available and will let you loop through records in a simple way:
    Simple 'do while not eof' stuff.
    And another good part of .NET is webservices.
    .NET makes connecting to a webservice a piece of cake, PwrDev can use such a compiled assembly directly without to much effort.

    There are more features like extra controls and so on.
    If you are interested please visit

    You'll love how simple PwrDev can help you with a simple idea you have and when done completely close and remove the code if you wish (no save if it's just an idea to work out).
    PwrDev is used for professional applications as well, it will handle small as large projects.
    Another neat thing is, code placed on this board for example can be copied to clipboard and PwrDev can read this from the clipboard and will put the code into a module.
    In most of these cases nothing needs to be changed or simply a minor remark or change may be needed and can then be executed using F5 directly.
    No need to save and if you don't like it.. just close without saving.
    Just pointing out how fast things can work out.

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    Do you still have PwrDev v1.x??

    Good news for you too, if you order via the update link then just drop me a mail for your favourite CrossOver license.
    Iow: one license for nothing.
    If you need both, select one.


    Here is the link for direct purchase of the full version:

    Here is the link for direct purchase of the upgrade version:

    For details on PwrDev visit:

    Thank you