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Egrid32 Conditional printing example

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  • Egrid32 Conditional printing example

    Egrid32 is a very powerful tool that allows you to print what you see
    on the grid.

    But not only that, it can be modified to print only what you want to
    print, Giving you the possibility to work visually with a document (lets
    say an invoice) and send to the printer only the fields you want to print
    in your pre-printed invoice document.

    Here is a small example i created few minutes ago, i inlcude the Firefly
    source code, as well as a ready-to-run compiled Example.

    Heres a ScreenShot:

    You can get the source code (Requires Firefly visual designer) as well as
    all the required files for this example here:

    Test Regular and conditional print modes of Egrid32 and Print Engine. The
    conditional printing feature is not a native feature, but it shows an example
    of how to modify the way it prints things.

    In the example application supports loading forms created with the Egrid32
    Form designer, it doesnt have as much features.

    Example code includes an example form that you can load using the "Open"
    command in the dialog's menu.

    If you are ready to Purchase Egrid32, you can visit:

    If you need more information, you can ask any questions over this forums
    or privately to my e-mail address (provided in my website).

    Thank you.

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    Just a reminder, if you dont own Firefly or even PowerBASIC, you can still
    try the example i posted. It contails a compiled version of the example, as
    well as all the required libraries.


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      Another reminder.

      Egrid32 is a grid control that can be used in applications, in custom ways
      and not just a printing tool. Sorry about this confusion.

      Printing is a feature provided by an add-on. For more information please
      ask me over here or privately to my e-mail address provided in my website.

      Egrid32 costs only $ 89.95

      Thank you.


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        Site down?

        Hi Elias,

        It seems as if you website is down...

        Or it's just my internet connection.



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          Originally posted by A du Toit View Post
          Hi Elias,

          It seems as if you website is down...

          Or it's just my internet connection.

          It the web site I host it and my ISP has been having issues all day. This is the first time in 5 years that my service has been disrupted. I apologize for the inconvenience. I've been told it will not likely be back up until 10:00am Central Time (USA) on Friday 3/20.
          Software makes Hardware Happen


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            In the meantime if you want to purchase, Please let me know.